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  1. Feb 2022
    1. He knows that this particular construction will evoke in the perception more than mere information of the hour of night.
      1. Montage is a Gestalt.
    2. in their combination and Juxtaposition, shall evoke in the consciousness and feelings of the spectator, reader, or auditor, that same initial general image which orig­inally hovered before the creative artist.

      3b. He makes the emotional aspect of montage explicit here.

    3. Before the inner vision, before the perception of the creator, hovers a given image, emotionally embodying his theme. The task that confronts him is to transform this image into a few basic partial representations which


    4. Another example that I will cite is quite typical for cinematography, no longer concerned with an individual object, but instead, with an image of a whole phenom­enon-composed, however, in exactly the same way. This example is a certain remarkable "shooting­script." In it, from a cumulative massing of contributory details and pictures, an image palpably arises before us.

      Similar idea from 2. but applied to film composition instead of acting. "From a cumulative massing of contributory details and pictures, an image palpably arises before us" is key here.

    5. He rejects not merely the exaggerated representation of ac­tuality, but even the representation of actuality in en­tirety! In its place he counsels suggestion. But what is "suggestion" if it not be an element, a detail of actuality, a "close-up" of actuality, which, in juxtaposition with other details, serves as a. determination of the entire frag­ment of actuality?
      1. We are starting to see the idea that film (and hence narrative) does better with restraint. In fact the representation being shown to the watcher/reader is more effective when it is suggestive i.e. when it is montage. Because montage is, in its essence, suggestive.
    6. faced with the task of present­ing not only a narrative that is logically connected, but one that contains a maxhnum of e1notion and sthnulating power. Montage is a mighty aid in the resolution of this task.