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  1. Mar 2017
  2. Sep 2016
    1. Everything extractive industries tell investors, in one place

      // and aleph at openoil.net

    1. versiunea

      // @mgax: si asta e o colectie buna de notat, cred ca xml dumps le putem primi

    1. Recent changes

      // talking about UI/UX, what about putting the Hoover search logs on visuals & music, like here [for wikipedia recent changes]

    1. This text proposes a way to bootstrap and enable this plural participation by recommending practices and prototyping artifacts that join several topics and interests: reproducible research, data activism 1, data visualization, data provenance 2 and frictionless data 3, using the Offshore Leaks Database, which joins Panama Papers and offshore Leaks investigation data, as an example. Because plurality is a core concern, the prototype environment and workflow should be simple, affordable, explorable, traceable and bridge a continuous between almost raw data and the operations and transformations on it, like visualizations and queries, that are used to build argumentation from data.

      // Interesanta abordare a datelor publicate ca baza de date de ICIJ

    1. Project Showcase

      // Si asta a fost folosit la SwissLeaks si PanamaPapers, de ICIJ

    1. Improving Your Investigations with Nuix

      // Nuix demo pe la min 20 arata interfata mai clar

    1. Denmark pays up to £1m for documents from anonymous source and plans to investigate up to 600 Danes who may have evaded tax

      // By-products of leaked data

    1. dtSearch demo

      // Asta a fost folosit la offshoreleaks ca web based search solution pt ICIJ

    1. Intella interface

      // Si intella, asta e scurt si destul de misto facut

    1. A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change

      // Si ceva mai de sus legat de ce putem face cu seturi de date in timp, adunate in retea, altceva decat povesti. un art. vechi de 10 ani

    1. Get data access to over100 million companies

      // Great data-set, we can get it for free

    1. Our goal at OpenCorporates is to improve access to and quality and understanding of data about companies, under a licence that encourages reuse. We want you to use our data, for a public purpose, for journalism, for academic research, for other great open data websites and services, and also commercially. If your proposed use of our data means you are able to freely share your results under the terms of our Open Data licence, then we can usually provide you with these products at no cost. Please drop us a line, explaining your proposed use of the data, and we'll get back in touch.

      // Same here with Official Gazettes - maybe we propose a partnership and trade MoF data ?