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  1. Feb 2019
    1. we shall not farther enlargc on it here


    2. Obscurity, one of the greatest faults in Writing, docs commonly proceed from a want of Meditation

      While she may disagree with him in other places, this sounds like a statement where the two are in Lockestep (please forgive me.)

    3. Astell seems closer to Augustine

      Well, I feel awesome.

    1. &

      story time.

      "&" is a contraction of sorts of "et," the Latin word meaning "and." "&" used to be at the end of the alphabet, and was pronounced "and." When people would say the alphabet, they'd say "y, z, and per se 'and'." Over time, "and per se and" was corrupted to "ampersand."

    2. about.

      And then everyone clapped

    3. truly and clearly follow from gold,

      Sweet, Locke.

      Now do "human."

    4. comments beget com• ments

      This is a pretty decent title for a biography of Locke.

    5. s to make the name in common use stand for the same precise idea

      ex. "posthumanism"