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  1. May 2016
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    1. always allow alternatives for students who are not comfortable with the text choices.

      I completely agree with this statement. I feel as if teachers do not have alternatives for students who are not comfortable with the text choices and that is not right or fare to that student. Students should all receive a great education, and something simple as giving them a different text would change the world for them. Also, I think if more teachers would have alternatives, then more students would enjoy the learning.

    2. The Harry Potter series, perhaps the most demonized work of fantasy to date, is a story of good’s triumph over evil, perseverance in diffi cult times, and the importance of loyalty and friendship

      A lot of people love Harry Potter and the stories that have been made, however there are other people, like me, who find it hard to understand. Also, some people may just not be interesting in fantasy's such as Harry Potter.

    3. many fantasy and science fi ction works provide rich opportunities for students to safely use their own moral thought

      I do believe that fantasy and science fiction books do provide for students to come up with their own moral thought, however, from other students it may be hard to come up with a moral.

    4. I have found that often those issues that we fi nd the most diffi cult to discuss—issues that are perhaps a little too close to home—

      I think that this is an interesting thought added to this article. From experience, reading about something similar to what you are going through, can be a little scary. Some students are able to read it and not link to it, but other students may have a hard time reading that material depending on whats going on in their lives.