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  1. Feb 2016
    1. wildlife whic

      consider adding a comma, like so:

      "... wildlife, which is..."

    2. (link)

      Two considerations:

      1. This seems to me to break in style from your previously-established convention for links & citations (i.e., a consistency error); and
      2. Should it be before or after the period? (unsure of what conventions say).

      Consider changing from "(link") to some other options? Two that come to my mind (neither of them quite ideal) could be moving it to "support for climate change denial" and/or changing it to "(An excellent read/article/essay by Vice magazine delves into this [issue/topic] [, here].")

      NB: I include optional phrasing in square brackets [ _ ].

    3. ‘It’s impossible’‘It’s possible, but it’s not worth doing’‘I said it was a good idea all along.’

      source? not necessary, but (for my mind, at least) helps its appearance.

      also re: Style: I have no idea what the style recommendations / conventions are: I see you started with a big icon of an open-quote. Q: Is it customary (e.g. in magazines, the New Yorker, etc.) to include an identically large-icon-sized close-quote?

  2. Dec 2015
    1. The goal of “Making the world work for everyone” is vague and can be in-terpreted in many ways. I believe that is it’s power.
      • consider whether or not to lower-case the M in "Making." (I should probably ask an experienced copywriter or professional editor, actually... There is probably a "one right answer" in this instance, although I'm not certain.)

      • Change it's to its (that is, remove the apostrophe)

      The possessive form of "it" is an irregular form of possessive in lacking an apostrophe, probably to avoid confusion with the contraction of "it is."

      (This is yet another grammar rule I memorized in public schools. :p)