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  1. Apr 2019
    1. My appetite is very much mended, I assure you, lately. I have been taking some bitters of my own decocting, which have done wonders. Susan never eats, I grant you

      In a world where a “much mended” appetite is equal to “never eating”, I think they have read too many dieting pamphlets for their own good. It is especially funny that this comes from Mr. Parker, because usually women are associated with “silly” little eating habits.

    2. from one of my sisters. They never fail me. Women are the only correspondents to be depended on

      Mr. Parker whines and complains about his brother not responding to him promptly -- which shows that he gets anxious and nervous easily, and his declarations about women just based on how fast Diana responds to letter is again, over-generalizing.

    3. health-breathing hill

      The diction here suggests again Mr. Parker’s being overly obsessed with medical issues, in that even the normal natural elements in the town is anthropomorphized to represent health.

    4. by Charlotte with the calmness of amused curiosity, and by Mr. Parker with the eager eye which hoped to see scarcely any empty houses

      The contrast between Charlotte’s and Mr. Parker’s attitudes towards these houses are somewhat farcical for the audience. While Charlotte, upon her first visit, is not associating the houses with any external values, Mr. Parker has come to deem the plain houses a gold mine.

    5. Our ancestors, you know, always built in a hole

      Again, Mr. Parker talks a lot, but always makes unnecessary or irrelevant generalizations. Most of his utterances are completely unrelated to each other and the current topic at hand, yet he says them in an absolutely confident and unapologetic manner -- meanwhile it is Charlotte and Mrs. Parker who has to endure his nonsense.