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  1. May 2022
  2. Mar 2021
    1. Yet sales figures for certain neuro-psychotropic drugs are considerably higher than the incidence of the illnesses for which they are indicated would lead one to expect. This apparent paradox applies above all to neuropsychotropic drugs that have neuro-enhancement properties. The most likely explanation is that neuro-enhancers are currently undergoing millions of self-trials, including in universities – albeit probably not in their laboratories. The ten top-selling psychotropic substances in the USA include anti-depressants, neuroleptics (antipsychotics), stimulants and drugs for treating dementia.
  3. Jun 2020
    1. spatially structured network

      ? def

    2. This property is mainly brought about bythe dominance of recurrent synaptic inputs by the GABAergiccontribution; and the network is stabilized by NMDA Rs at therecurrent synapses. Both features were not present in previouspattern formation studies

      discuss in detail

    3. Synchrony and the NMDA to AMPA Ratio


    4. strong feedback inhibition


    5. 67% NMDA contribution



      why? guess: as much flow into ecitory as in inhibitory, stable network

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    8. MPAR-and NMDAR

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    9. nS


  4. May 2020
  5. Nov 2019
    1. 5.2 Metformin[edit] Reduced serum levels of vitamin B12 occur in up to 30% of people taking long-term anti-diabetic metformin.[71][72][73] Deficiency does not develop if dietary intake of vitamin B12 is adequate or prophylactic B12 supplementation is given. If the deficiency is detected, metformin can be continued while the deficiency is corrected with B12 supplements.[74]

      Fascinating overlap of two emergent life-extension-enhancement treatments.

  6. Nov 2017
  7. Jun 2017
    1. Just a few interconnected neurons (a microcircuit) can perform sophisticated tasks such as mediate reflexes, process sensory information, generate locomotion and mediate learning and memory.  More complex networks (macrocircuits) consist of multiple imbedded microcircuits.  Macrocircuits mediate higher brain functions such as object recognition and cognition.  So, multiple levels of networks are ubiquitous in the nervous system.  Networks are also prevalent within neurons.  These nanocircuits constitute the underlying biochemical machinery for mediating key neuronal properties such as learning and memory and the genesis of neuronal rhythmicity.

      So: Nanocurcuits inside neurons. A few Neurons form a Microcurcuit and already perform amazing basic bodily functions. Put a few Microcurcuits of Neurons together into Macrocurcuits though and you have Troll 2. (NaMiMa)

  8. Apr 2017
    1. fears have not diminished and may have prompted calls and means for voluntary euthanasia. This process appears to have occurred in parallel with what has been described as the ‘Alzheimerisation of ageing’. Reinforced by media reports of ‘institutional abuse’ in nursing homes, the intensified search for ‘a cure’, and the dire predictions of demographic apocalypse. The Alzheimerisation of ageing seems to contribute to the propagation of an associated and potentially negative ‘neuro-culture’ spread across the whole of society (Williams, Higgs & Katz, 2012).

      Dementia and old age as part of negative neuro-culture'