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  1. Sep 2019
    1. gamification

      I don't like this term, its so buzzy and just disgusts me...Also the idea is just so posé tbh, I played commuter games back in 1999-2000s to learn basic math and spelling

    2. But while the gamification of the classroom through educational software is clearly less physically violent than corporal punishment,

      I hate this fear mongering, depressive side to the conversation of new technology, its like maybe if we focused on understanding it and learning about it instead og looking at all the bad "effects" we believe it to have we wouldn't be controlled!!! or maybe this is the false narrative in order to trick us into being controlled even more. To Foucults point this power, especially in story, narrative, words and how their used can have a drastic effect on what we decide to do with this new tech and how we can learn from is naturally, organically.

    3. even hope to record and understand how students think and feel.

      Hivemind. would only make use more together, equal and free because what would be controlling us was our true nature, and our understanding of ourselves will have come out of our technological advances.

    4. new digital tools

      New tools, exactly. Stop forcing contingionsouies on them, this is why advancement is so hard because we keep harpooning our old fears and preconceptions of what is nature...when we've already straid so far from it.

    5. it does threaten to shape the way we speak and act with one another – creating a less free society.

      Still this is still a jumpy conclusion considering the ideas of trans humanism