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  1. Dec 2019
  2. Oct 2019
    1. But we stand to discover much about ourselves in such a discussion—and that is perhaps what scares us. The idea of reparations is frightening not simply because we might lack the ability to pay. The idea of reparations threatens something much deeper—America’s heritage, history, and standing in the world.


    2. The lie ignores the fact that reducing American poverty and ending white supremacy are not the same. The lie ignores the fact that closing the “achievement gap” will do nothing to close the “injury gap,” in which black college graduates still suffer higher unemployment rates than white college graduates, and black job applicants without criminal records enjoy roughly the same chance of getting hired as white applicants with criminal records.

      quote for surveillance

    3. Liberals today mostly view racism not as an active, distinct evil but as a relative of white poverty and inequality. They ignore the long tradition of this country actively punishing black success—and the elevation of that punishment, in the mid-20th century, to federal policy.

      route for surveillance

    4. From the White House on down, the myth holds that fatherhood is the great antidote to all that ails black people.

      take the father away and break up the family, scare white men and make them confused

    5. “You paid it and kept working,” Lewis said of the contract. “When that payment came up, you knew you had to pay it.”

      Thats all my mom says

    6. “It’s because it’s black folks making the claim,” Nkechi Taifa, who helped found N’COBRA, says. “People who talk about reparations are considered left lunatics. But all we are talking about is studying [reparations].

      they won't even study gun control either bc it exposes white supremacy

    7. They were fleeing the acquisitive warlords of the South. They were seeking the protection of the law.

      powerful,,,,and ultimilty a mistake?

    8. antebellum period.

      This period in the South's history was marked by the economic growth of the region and of its political influence on the U.S. federal government. The plantation system can be seen as the factory system applied to agriculture, with a concentration of labor under skilled management. But while the industrial manufacturing-based labor economy of the North was driven by growing demand, maintenance of the plantation economic system depended upon usage of slave labor that was both abundant and cheap.

    9. kleptocracy.

      Is a government with corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers. (AkA the KKK)

    1. The scientific approach to revolution is precisely to reproduce what was successful and experiment with approaches to avoiding history’s pitfalls.

      Quote this!

    1. Pre-implantation genetic screening is going to become routine; artificial wombs will release us from the constraints of the human birth-canal; and a revolution in reproductive medicine will begin to replace the old Darwinian lottery.

      Expecially since climate change has lowered peoples reproductive urges and libito has significantly dropped in the past decade. As well as they younger generation suffering from a climate change induced depression called Solastalgia; a mental distress caused by environmental change, this is due to the unproductive measures America has not taken therefore year after year Americans become more depressed and anxious because of the global condition.

    2. In an era of mature post-genomic medicine,

      might quote this phase

    3. But that's speculative. Whatever our ultimate destination, it would be more prudent, I think, to aim for both superhappiness and superintelligence - at least until we understand the full implications of what we are doing. There isn't a moral urgency to maximizing superhappiness in the same way as there is to abolishing suffering.

      I love what this implies. Using biotech isn't meant to reach an ideal state or super intelegiance or happiness...those would be great a long the way to abolishing government and suffering of every kind, human and non-human.

    4. this dismissal of wireheading may be too quick

      The way in which scholars talk about tech today is very reactionary

    5. Each of our core emotions had a distinct signalling role in our evolutionary past:

      I like this clause, it sums up why moving past privacy and that fear of being watched is outdated and needs to literally be taken out of our biology.

    6. t's possible to lower an individual's hedonic set-point by inflicting prolonged uncontrolled stress;

      like a eustress that empowers and individual

    7. external environment

      we should stop trying to fuck with the environment to improve our quality of life, rather engage in self improvement and advancement with the tech. knowledge we posses and making that work for us rather than sell it for entertainment or other forms of gratification that ultimately perpetuate suffering.

  3. Sep 2019
    1. What does it mean in terms of how students have already been surveilled and shaped by school?

      If anything the student always has the control...and knowledge is not equal to education...especially when that knowledge can and does undermine the education system

    2. privacy isn’t really the opposite of publicness. To have privacy isn’t the same as to be hidden – and by extension, privacy is not the opposite of “openness.”

      Privacy does not exist. Because in order to trancende that fear of being watched...we wouldn't care if others watched us, ideally, because all of our behaviors will be watched because who ever is watching wants to watch and support and see you. I don't necessarily follow people that I don't want to "watch" and in that online-social exchange I and the other person are allowing that all of these things to organically happen; rust, vulnerability, choice, control ( what they chose to post and caption) as well as the power of having other people watch them, care and listen to what they have to say.

    3. Social media monitoring involves data collection and data analysis at such a level that schools are told they cannot do this in-house.

      Lol I did this for CBF

    4. so they can provide customer service.

      Service economy

    5. (Many so-called privacy advocates in education reinforce this, asssuming they always speak for students, assuming that they know better than students. Again, students just end up as objects of a different sort of paternalism.)

      I never had this problem with PARCC. I just wouldn't come in on the days the Testing was taking place. I think the first year we had it I had my mom opt-me-out and then the other years I just didn't show up

    6. Students and their data are objects in many of these formulations.

      Ok we could be getting somewhere

    7. privacy and solitude.

      Very compelling comparison

    8. t is a right to control and limit access or merely a measure of the degree of access others have to us and to information about us.

      All this information is collected in the first place about use bc of the structure of state power, not because we give it out in hopes or fear of losing this "privacy" because the powers that be make it worth will to protect it and attach to it the concept.

    9. They have defended accounts of privacy as a descriptive concept,

      I agree, destructive

      Kind of pigeon

    10. "Public" and "private" are descriptions of power and privilege. They are not social absolutes. They are not "given."

      right... so why are we fighting so hard for this privacy???

    11. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight corporations' compulsion to track us.


    12. As danah boyd has argued,

      Oh god asdfghjkl;' xD this bitch again

    13. Who gets to decide what that looks like?

      we ourselves do. and first by not being fearful that others are watching

    14. But no, I don’t think students (necessarily) do know they're being watched when it comes to their after-school updates on social media.

      What is this fear of being watched come from??? Ask yourselves that

    15. New Jersey Department of Education responded today, justifying its “vigilance” in “safeguarding test questions.”

      fuck you

    1. And it may even cause harm or negatively impact students, if used without understanding the risks involved.

      This is stupid there is no correlation, has been proven since, and this research is from 2002....LMFAO OKAYY???

    2. gamification

      I don't like this term, its so buzzy and just disgusts me...Also the idea is just so posé tbh, I played commuter games back in 1999-2000s to learn basic math and spelling

    3. primary school classroom

      Although the author is keeping with the theme of Foucault and using school as an example of this power and control machine, and although they are right and that power is absolutely there its so rash and not progressive thinking tbh....bc though Foucault set out to exhaling power in a non-cloudy ungrounded philosophical way, rooting power in a genealogical history is still deconstruction to a degree rather than material/natural

    4. But while the gamification of the classroom through educational software is clearly less physically violent than corporal punishment,

      I hate this fear mongering, depressive side to the conversation of new technology, its like maybe if we focused on understanding it and learning about it instead og looking at all the bad "effects" we believe it to have we wouldn't be controlled!!! or maybe this is the false narrative in order to trick us into being controlled even more. To Foucults point this power, especially in story, narrative, words and how their used can have a drastic effect on what we decide to do with this new tech and how we can learn from is naturally, organically.

    5. even hope to record and understand how students think and feel.

      Hivemind. would only make use more together, equal and free because what would be controlling us was our true nature, and our understanding of ourselves will have come out of our technological advances.

    6. new digital tools

      New tools, exactly. Stop forcing contingionsouies on them, this is why advancement is so hard because we keep harpooning our old fears and preconceptions of what is nature...when we've already straid so far from it.

    7. This shows both the short and long-term effect that intrusion into our private lives can have on perfectly legal activities.

      omnipresent power, constantly controlling our lives even if they Aren't there...but how its so deeply ingrained like Foucalts analyst on the Panopticon

    8. it does threaten to shape the way we speak and act with one another – creating a less free society.

      Still this is still a jumpy conclusion considering the ideas of trans humanism

    9. . It makes a lack of privacy appear normal and prepares young people to accept mass surveillance in their adult lives.

      I don't know why they keep talking in a negative connotation about this...

    1. organizations could have their surveillance streamed in real time to a trusted, third-party group for verification, which we dub “Videscrow” or Video


    2. Another way to promote surveillance integrity would be to do something analogous to the way media businesses use crowdsourcing to rate everything from doctors to taxi drivers. Along these lines we propose creating a third-party validation of surveillance recordings.

      I ike that he is offering actions and solutions ti better this issue and solve some problems attracted

    3. A “Veillance Contract,” for example, would deny the surveillant the right to use its recordings as evidence if it doesn’t allow others the right to make their own recordings.

      I like this idea

    4. The recorded becoming the recorder

      This whole section would be the bases of my whole argument along with transhumanist ideas about tech and the future of augmentation

    5. After the shooting, the police seized the four recordings of the event and reported that all were blank, even though transit officials had already viewed the shooting.

      Well, surveillance will always be corrupted in a state that has institutionalized police and that mechanism of power, to reinforce the ideologies of the bousougie who design the socialization, views and perceived liberty/freedom.

    6. Hollow-point bullets are used by law enforcement but illegal in war.


    7. Is there not a conflict-of-interest inherent in one party being the curators of the recordings they make of highly contested disputes with other parties?

      not in the case of true augmentation.

    8. body worn cameras.

      my day has security cameras around his house and connected directly to his phone and computer and he also wears a body cam

    9. r, individual police

      Wonder why this link does not work. Why did ABC take down their pages on "individual police"?

    10. So, while it may be easy to claim you don’t like being watched, it is sometimes the case that you actually want someone watching over you.

      Could that be said for all people though? Is this sense of security only to make a certain group feel safe, none the less the people watching and the question of who's watching them. In my experience, only white people gain any type of comfort from this..

    11. Joshua Gans

      Chair in Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.[1] Until 2011, he was an economics professor at Melbourne Business School in Australia. His research focuses on competition policy and intellectual property protection. He is the author of several textbooks and policy books, as well as numerous articles in economics journals.

    1. It is said, and I believe it, that bees can see inside you.

      Eyes are the window to the soul... was from the Bible Psalms

    2. I saw myself pouring gasoline on this hive that I loved and torching it. And I saw a billowing, and I felt such relief at their being no more.

      Does the hive represent his fear of the white influence or his fear of never being able to guide other blacks to salvation?? no matter how much mercy he shows..

    3. helping the handful of bees who had gotten caught in the thick grass while I was working and were now struggling to find their way out.

      Are these lost bees other black people? Is the hive and the bees a cross metaphor? im having trouble nailing down which one represents the bees.

    4. And it took every shred of concentration just to hold steady and cut free the comb. And it took every shred of concentration as well not to weep.

      extended metaphor....mercy, for self and others? and how that helps sever fear from the interaction or relationship

    5. My hands were shaking, and the feeling of a bee landing on me, which had previously been pleasant,

      echo to the beginning and his encounter with the police officer

    6. The memory of every previous peaceful interaction with bees flew from my head, and rushing in came the image of the entire hive, all nine thousand, wrathful and swarming me.

      how white people fell when interacting with blacks. or conversely how blacks feel interacting with police (brotherhood) which all report back to the 'master-mind.'

    7. They can sense your fear, and they just might sting you for it

      Fear plays an important role in life (all life) because it tells us how far, when and where we feel comfortable going or pushing ourselves. The bees fear is liken to fear of change for the betterment of both sides; in this case the bees so they can make more, and Ross to cultivate fresh honey.

    8. the real negotiating with the bees. On this day I would.

      A metaphor for Mercy?...but I wonder why he is communicating this in a separatistic way. Perhaps to emphasize A hive-mind way of living/coexsisting?

      Hivemind: a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence.

      which is the dream ideal, but that involves full understanding and deconstruction of our 'conditions.'

    9. I’d not done the handling of the frames myself,

      He is very aware to make it clear he has control? perspective? capability? value, or ownership of something.

    10. I was hoping I could then open the hive, remove the box, replace the three frames, close the hive back up, and leave the bees alone.

      Im trying to gather some meaning or significance from this sentence

  4. Apr 2019
    1. I have used learning to express anger for my growth.

      Same with engaging in technology

    1. If they do things that are unrevolutionary or counterrevolutionary, then criticize that action. If we feel that the group in spirit means to be revolutionary in practice, but they make mistakes in interpretation of the revolutionary philosophy, or they do not understand the dialectics of the social forces in operation, we should criticize that and not criticize them because they are women trying to be free

      Ask them the question to understand why they did or said what they said to encourage more participation and engagement to other ideas rather than telling someone they are incorrect.

    2. That is not endorsing things in homosexuality that we wouldn’t view as revolutionary. But there is nothing to say that a homosexual cannot also be a revolutionary. And maybe I’m now injecting some of my prejudice by saying that “even a homosexual can be a revolutionary.” Quite the contrary, maybe a homosexual could be the most revolutionary.

      This whole idea is revolutionary. And I would be biased to say, but I strongly agree. People they have redefined how identity is shaped and when you do that it makes freedom easier to obtain for everyone.

    3. We must gain security in ourselves and therefore have respect and feelings for all oppressed people.

      Strongly agree Could potentially use for other research

    4. and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed groups)

      It’s interesting and progressive of him to specify that he considers them oppressed groups.

      Could it be that only the radical and conservatives accepted women and queer people as an in seen group?

  5. Jan 2019
    1. “What has caught people’s attention is that the data might have been used to develop fake news and messages about politics and public policy that could then drive electoral and legislative outcomes,”

      Thats exactly what platforms like Facebook do especially, bc they have algorithms and an agenda as an organization to specialize the content they "feed" people for someone else (their own) pockets.

    2. so that they could collaborate in negotiating with Facebook and Google, companies whose dominance of advertising is rapidly destroying the business model of the news industry.

      They aren't circulating news just who ever pays the most to have their story be the head line which goes against journalist work to get the truth out there, but instead have to compete with money, untruths and whoever has a computer or phone.

    1. PEN America

      PEN America, founded in 1922 and headquartered in New York City, is a nonprofit organization that works to defend and celebrate free expression in the United States and worldwide through the advancement of literature and human rights.

    2. The suppression of writing and writers is naturally of central concern to writers themselves.

      Art has lost its analytical value, people don't actually appreciate anything anymore for what it says but rather on a business aspect or how good it makes you look. When are and writing was a provocation for the public to discord, share thoughts and ideas in a formal way which taught and sought to enlighten rather than promote and sell

    3. In a country with no ideals left, high-level lawbreakers and corruption will have free rein.

      Americans need to reevaluate what they want their country to look like without the influence of prejudice.

    4. We’re living in the midst of a war being waged against this kind of journalism

      I personally believe this is the ruin before that beginning of something great. With technology and the recording of information, I think it will be harder and harder to mix the truth. i.e.. VR and augmented reality. The common record is new, and not one generation has yet to live and die with the internet so the effects/impact on society and humans can't even really be measure to the fullest.

    5. new age of O’Brians.

      who are the O'Brians?

    6. if he is only in the larval stage, you may simply be accused of spouting fake news.

      Form the last sentence in the first paragraph I can already infer what kind of mood this artifice will be taking. I don't know if I will enjoy the corky dark humor but it diminishes the validity if done right, or with taste