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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Not sure what to make of this, a combination of Solid Pods and AP, with Solid being the data storage. Meaningless refs to data ownership (you don't own your data on Fedi, you've spread it to 100s of servers around the globe with each message. You don't even have control over the database you use in your client, unless self-hosted. You can move, without your messages.) It's just that nobody afayk mines the stuff for adtech. And data ownership doesn't legally exist in most parts of the world. So what is the purpose of Solid here, if you store recipes and ephemeral socmed messages in it? Just that it's there so you can skip having to build the database part of an AP server / client combo? So that everyone can run their personal instance with something that can also do other things? It doesn't say but that would be a potential step up (assuming people know how to run a solid pod that is).