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  1. Oct 2023
    1. Two main considerations determine how much capacitance you will need: the required holdup time and the allowable ripple voltage.

      bulk cap selection to PFC

  2. Jan 2016
    1. it has been found that cocaine-seeking behavior is associated with increased activity in the projection from the prefrontal cortex to the nucleus accumbens, specifically in the glutamatergic projection from the prelimbic cortex (PL) to the core subcompartment of the nucleus accumbens (NAcore) (McFarland et al., 2003; Rebec & Sun, 2005).
    1. not only does inactivation of either the NAcore or prelimbic cortex prevent cue-, stress-, or cocaine-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking (McFarland and Kalivas, 2001; McLaughlin and See, 2003; Di Ciano and Everitt, 2004; Fuchs et al., 2004; Di Ciano et al., 2008), but both cocaine- and stress-induced cocaine seeking are associated with a remarkable overflow of synaptic glutamate into the NAcore from prelimbic afferents (McFarland et al., 2003, 2004; Xi et al., 2006; Miguéns et al., 2008).
  3. Oct 2015