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  1. Feb 2020
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    1. songs of paradox

      Your lyrics

      stretch the known,

      into the unknown,

      this heliosphere,

      always our home

      until the time of disintegration

      when our songs get buried

      as bones

    2. obtuse orbits

      Acute orbits, too,

      the way my legs

      fold into you, my dear,

      the blankets tangled at our feet;

      for when we connect, we speak,


    3. sip from the sun

      By morning's first light,

      when the Earth's forever orbit

      brings us closer together,

      we sip from the sun,

      a drink of melted night

      brewed from falling stars and

      lost darkness

    4. History slips

      Margin notes

      fill the gaps;

      the pencil marks

      of students, past,

      grappling to ignore

      the printed page

      for beneath the gloss,

      the people rage