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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Critiques have emerged over how these prototypes are rarely effective or adopted in addressing the very problems they inspire. Thomas Lodato and Carl DiSalvo suggest that this disillusionment stems from a misunderstanding of the process and outcomes of hackathons. They argue that issue-oriented hackathons create “props”—material tools for thinking through issues—and cohere “proto-publics” through material participation. These implicit outcomes appear almost in spite of their explicit format and goals. Hackathons therefore provide the ability to articulate issues of shared concern and col-lectively work towards alleviating social issues.

      Pero estos valores implícitos requieren una alta inversión de dineros públicos, en el caso Colombiano, que podrían ser mejor usados en eventos con dichos valores explicitos, como el Data Week en particular y las Hackatones feministas, en general.