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  1. May 2019
    1. I realize it is slightly obscure at the moment how this pad will come to be useful during Publishing Sphere

      it is basically a writing pad to which we added small features to organise them, and make them more readable : table of contents and index of categorized keywords.

      It can be used as much as a personal notes pad, a group notes pad, an archive, a place to brainstorm, or in contrary to consolidate the group productions and outputs, a logging journal, a thoughts sharing space (as you just did here).

      Each note is necessarily in progress, continuous editing. Therefore, the material does not have to be perfect, finalized, but rather on-going, on the flow. We tried to imagine a free writing space (pad), with a simple organisation/navigation paradigms : table of contents and index of keywords.

    2. I’m starting to realize that this is a pretty interesting and useful little notepad

      great! well done Michael. you are officially our new evangelist :)