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  1. Mar 2022
    1. “As a neonatologist, ... prior to COVID, I had maybe attended two to three deliveries in the medical ICU because it’s not common for women of childbearing age in their 20s and 30s to be critically ill and sick,” she said. Now, she said, “I truly cannot remember the last time I was on call at night and did not have to attend a COVID delivery. We’re just seeing a lot more complications in moms who you would expect to be healthy.”

      She is reflecting on her work before COVID, and during. What she is seeing more mothers having complications because of COVID.

    2. Not all those who posted their own stories of chronic illness were visibly young and healthy, though. Some were seniors, and some posted images of their medical treatments or hospital beds as they receive care for COVID-19.

      Pointing out that illness can look any type of way. There is no standard for how being sick is supposed to look like.

    3. “But I do have that underlying condition that puts me at increased risk,” she said. “I think sometimes people do have this preconceived notion of what someone with multiple chronic illnesses looks like. And unfortunately, that makes it easy to kind of dismiss some of these things. ... People say things like, ‘Well, you don’t look sick to me,’ and that may be the truth. But it doesn’t make the underlying condition or what you deal with on sometimes a daily basis any less true.”

      The idea that if you don't look sick, you're probably not sick.

    4. that chronically ill patients have such low quality of life anyway that they aren’t worth protecting

      Some people have this idea that if your sick, it's ok if you die because you are probably not living anyway.

  2. Feb 2021
    1. We might tell him that he could share with us and join us in our work

      The text from the start of the paragraph to this point asks what we would do if someone came out of the blue and claimed everything we had as his, we would not heed him any attention but would go on about our lives.

    2. But if he should have a government back of him, he would appeal to it for the protection of "his rights," and the government would send police and soldiers who would evict us and put the "lawful owner in possession."

      A man who claims to have backing from an authority(government) can use the law to loop around and take from people what is rightfully theirs and not his.