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  1. Oct 2022
    1. The quarrel seems to be unnatural

      in what way was brothers fighting about anything unnatural? from todays lens most siblings fight from time to time. is this a newer idea? i think not.

  2. Sep 2021
    1. What happens to this graph when we overlay pure capitalism instead of a mixed economy? What if this spectrum was put on a different axis altogether? What does the current climate of the United states look like when graphed out on it. Which parts have diminished over the past 50 years with the decrease in regulation?

      four quadrant diagram of market goods, club goods, common goods, and public goods graphed along the axes of excludability and rivalry

      Some of these areas benefit heavily by government intervention and regulation.

      We need the ability to better protect both common and public goods.


      • rivalry: does use by one person physically preclude use by others?
      • excludability: do laws prohibit access to these goods?
  3. Feb 2019
  4. Feb 2016
    1. Despite the arrival of these new Europeans, Spain continued to dominate the New World.

      Showing the difference between being somewhat established vs being an invader.