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    1. c0 0000 00

      The "size", defined by the expression `varsize + strx + comsize + (pc + nofimps + nofent + nofptrs + 1)4; (varsize includes type descriptors*), where these names match those used by the code generator ORG.Mod. Used by the module loader for determining how big of a hole needs to be used to accommodate the module in main memory when imported by another module or invoked to service a user command.

    2. 01

      The version/class of the object file format used here. Special class 0 is used for the bootloader.

    3. b765 6d6c

      The module "key"—a signature computed by the Oberon compiler, used for verification by the linker.

      Note that this is stored as a little-endian 32-bit word. This is the native byte order. (Signed integers use two's complement arithmetic.)

    4. 4865 6c6c 6f00

      NUL-terminated module name, as ASCII.

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