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  1. Jul 2017
    1. Social Media Is The New Smoking

      While I understand why people might have experiences that would lead them to hold the views in this post, these views generalize such experience to describe all social media use. Many people have profoundly valuable and deep social connections on social media, and still also have valuable FTF social connections. Like any broad human activity, social media use is more complex than imagined here. Even smoking itself can't always be seen as all bad, see this account of how smoking breaks can be seen supporting worker rights and social connection.

    2. I know I am sounding negative here, but it is the truth.

      I would say that you sound like a "negative Nancy", but I don't think such a gendered stereotype is useful.

    3. By and large, social media is not good for you.

      That is an incredibly broad generalization.

    1. Putting the Alternative Academic Back in Alt-Ac
    2. those who are making a killing off cigarettes and anti-smoking campaigns alike

      Someone is making a killing off anti-smoking campaigns? Even if that is sorta true, I can't imagine that the amount of money involved is more than a tiny percentage of the money generated by the tobacco industry.