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    1. Interesting journal on issues like:

      • Source Code Analysis and Manipulation
      • Software Engineering for Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems
      • Software and Systems Reuse in the Big Data Era
      • Machine Learning Techniques for Software Quality Evaluation
    1. If a Thrive employee sends an e-mail to a colleague who is on vacation, the sender receives a note that the colleague is away and the message is automatically deleted.

      Completely delete received messages during vacation, while extreme, does work!

    2. oving past the paradigm of associating e-mail addresses with individuals. When an address is instead assigned to a specific client, or to a specific type of request, and monitored by multiple different employees, it can go a long way to relieving the deeply-ingrained anxiety that we are ignoring those who need us.

      Multiple assignees in a project relieve pressure on individuals!

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