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  1. Apr 2019
    1. stressful but fascinating

      It seems like these two words sum up this last week pretty well for a majority of the group. There has been a lot of information to take in, within a short amount of time. Although it has been a bit on the chaotic side here and there, most of the class can agree that the more we see, the more fascinating it becomes. I think everyone is looking forward to attaining more clarity for the program as a whole. The enthusiasm is contagious. It seems the whole process is new for everyone, and everyone is excited for the adventure.

    1. The first week of class was pretty similar to most first weeks of a programs I have experienced. However, this program was a little more hectic due to the fact that we have so many programs trying to do so many different and connected things. The moment that stood out the most to me was how much work was accomplished in 8 short hours by the MTA changemakers, this was impressive and inspiring to me. I participated in a similar group last quarter. In that program we  had weeks to get the point that they got to in an afternoon.

      You know, upon reading the textbook Networks, Crowds, and Markets, I came to see that when networks are first formed, they tend to be hectic and that there is a scram for connections in order to get a project or anything started. However, as time goes by and the networks began to get familiarized with themselves, I found that they start to form groups that are more stable and cohesive with one another and will start building up momentum in order to build something great. However, this comes with the understanding of trust and mutual bonds and without it, it will not become a teampreneurship but instead it becomes just a regular classroom setting that is just doing a series of movements on various different projects. Thus, through reading your blog and other people's blogs, I came to see that there is a stage in which teampreneurship must go through in order to be called teampreneurship and this goes the same with any enterprises. Guess it is the key towards understanding sustainability.

    1. Please annotate how you have felt about the current situation with the Team-preneurship class here. I will compile your annotations into a document that I can present at the next organizational meeting. I would like our needs and feelings to be represented in this process. Thanks, guys. 

      Well given how Scott showed me how there are a ton of moving parts in the teampreneurship program, along with the fact that there are misunderstandings on how the research team will go about with the research onto how would the teampreneurship program at Evergreen proceed, I found there are three things that needs to happen: the first is that the teampreneurship and other programs need to understand the difference between the action research and traditional research, the second is to make sure that all the faculties are on the same page about what they are doing with the teampreneurship program while making sure that they are for the interest of the group (and have to learn to leave aside the personal interest that does not align or build the teampreneurship pursuit), and the third is to build awareness with the administrators on the roles they play in the program. The program on Thursday was a sign to help us understand that there are some parts that needs to be on the same page with one another and unfortunately, what I found was there is a need for communication before proceeding. If this does not work out well within the couple of days or weeks into the program, this could jeopardize the money that the administration poured into in order to understand the impact of teampreneurship and the millions of dollars of donations made for the program.