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  1. Apr 2019
    1. stressful but fascinating

      It seems like these two words sum up this last week pretty well for a majority of the group. There has been a lot of information to take in, within a short amount of time. Although it has been a bit on the chaotic side here and there, most of the class can agree that the more we see, the more fascinating it becomes. I think everyone is looking forward to attaining more clarity for the program as a whole. The enthusiasm is contagious. It seems the whole process is new for everyone, and everyone is excited for the adventure.

    1. here

      I feel like it has been an infringement on the the purpose of our class not being able to observe the beginning stages of the teamprenuership program. I understand why faculty would not want us to watch the beginning processes; that might be less than smooth. However I think that there is vital data that could be gathered for our research at such a time. From my understanding, our inability to begin the quarter alongside the teamprenuership program hinders the purpose of why our program was put together.