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  1. May 2021
    1. There were telescreens all round the pediment.
    2. The picture had fallen to the floor uncovering the telescreen behind it. 'Now they can see us,' said Julia. 'Now we can see you,' said the voice. 'Stand out in the middle of the room. Stand back to back. Clasp your hands behind your heads. Do not touch one another.'
    3. You can turn it off!' he said. 'Yes,' said O'Brien, 'we can turn it off. We have that privilege.'

      O'Brien can turn it off

    4. He thought of the telescreen with its never-sleeping ear. They could spy upon you night and day, but if you kept your head you could still outwit them.
    5. It was like trying to make a move at chess when you were already mated. Whichever way you turned, the telescreen faced you.