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  1. Jan 2018
  2. Jun 2017
    1. Distill

      ??? What's that?

    2. Why

      Indeedly do.

    3. Webrecorder.io

      new tool for me

    4. Add some more in the comments or feel free to hypothesize in the margins.

      Seems like a lot of fishing off the bank of the stream ... so curious of where the bite takes you.

    1. I am trying to “ante-up” by sharing digital objects

      And it is appreciated. The storify is a good example of how curation can bind many people's ideas together.

  3. Dec 2016
    1. But we rarely recognize how wonderful it is that a person can traverse an entire lifetime without making a single really serious mistake — like putting a fork in one’s eye or using a window instead of a door.

      And yet ... some do ...

    2. Schools do not have feedback loops even though they exist within larger feedback loops.

      Interesting observation ... wondering and wanting more of this insight ....

    3. If it leaves a digital trail, if it is owned by someone else

      Yes, this is something I think about. Even as I try to teach my students about their "digital footprint," I am contributing to it by having them do things via tech that leaves a footprint ... for a company to target them with marketing or for the government to track them (potentially). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsPUKtHis8Y

    4. post-school view of learning

      Ok .. yes, this should always be in our vision ... but isn't this for self-drive learners? Autodidacts? Who gets left behind if we have way forward for those not in the system? I am not defending the status quo ... but wondering about who learns and who doesn't? I suppose you don't mean replace one with the other ...

  4. Sep 2016
    1. this unrelenting assessment has stunted your imaginations.


    2. your course offerings in art, drama, music, history, world languages, and the sciences were all too often set aside "to create more time for reading and math instruction."

      I hate that this is true ...

    3. Your generation is the first to have gone through primary and secondary school knowing no alternative to a national regimen of assessment.

      Ack ...