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  1. Jun 2022
    1. Most of what I've seen on information overload frames it in a negative, but the book Thriving on Overload by Ross Dawson seems to flip the script to frame it as a positive thing.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'> Marshall Kirkpatrick </span> in Marshall Kirkpatrick on Twitter: "@jerrymichalski @rossdawson Jerry, Ross, re collective intelligence have you seen https://t.co/iOM908iCCt from @ggiacomelli? In listening to your episode of Thriving on Overload podcast, it comes to mind. Especially the 300pg practitioners guide https://t.co/rziczNsXxt cc @vgr" / Twitter (<time class='dt-published'>06/03/2022 22:25:26</time>)</cite></small>

  2. Feb 2021