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  1. Aug 2015
    1. SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner took action today on the following bills

      It would be nice if these were actionable links to the bill text

    1. Limits Terms of Certain Collective Bargaining Contracts

      why is this the title of the bill if the bill text says it doesn't apply to collective bargaining agreements?

    1. Prohibits an individual from taking action against a law enforcement officer based on the officer’s compliance or noncompliance with the provisions of this bill (Sec. 5).

      this sounds like it will prevent minorities from suing an officer based on racial discrimination when the police inevitably don't comply with this bill when the underage drinkers are PoCs and not whites

  2. Jul 2015
    1. “Well, he does get a pretty cold reception from the legislative leaders on the other side,” she said

      My heart bleeds for his rich white cisgender male tears

    2. term limits for elected officials,

      hahahaha, this will never fly

    1. This is a super-majority of Democrats and a bunch of pro-union Republicans in this state.

      hahahaha, amazing!

    2. ou know, Charles, Senate Democrats, we try to recruit women candidates. Because we think that they’re better candidates… and they make great senators and great representatives. So that’s a great idea. Maybe we should start getting more women involved.

      Yes, more women in politics!

    3. If he’s got $4 billion in cuts from this budget, we want to hear from him. Nobody even introduced a bill to provide any cuts. He couldn’t even get one Republican to introduce a bill. So that’s why it’s time for him to finally give us a balanced budget.

      oh snap!

    4. He’s got to learn that this is not the private sector

      Yes, this.