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  1. Apr 2018
    1. It’s entitled “LDRS 620 – My Introduction.”  You can also access this audiotape by clicking the widget “My Introduction” in the footer of my website.

      Ray, Thanks for sharing this recording! Your voice comes through the recording very nicely and is really quite soothing.

      It is a great idea to put a link to your welcome recording into a widget in your footer so that it is accessible from any page. There may be other things that are suitable for this strategy as well.

      Also, you may be interested to know that if you paste the URL of your SoundCloud recording all by itself on its own line, WordPress will display an embedded player connected directly to SoundCloud. You can see an example on Christian's post.

    1. The moral of the story. Search multiple databases before settling on any one source.

      This does bring up the question of whether the images you found in Google were licensed for reuse. I find that many business-focused images are not.

    2. Startegy

      Good reminder for the importance of poorfreading...;)

    1. Next time, I will read the full assignment, reflect on what needs to be accomplished, and then complete all the pre-planning before starting the assignment. Pre-planning requires a completed story board.

      This is a very good point, Christian. Planning ahead of time can make the process run much more smoothly. Good lesson for our students too!

    2. There were times I thought I was recording a specific sound but then, upon listening to the playback, I realized that I had not captured the sound I wanted as other sounds were louder at the time.

      This can be frustrating with the limitations of consumer grade hardware that comes built into our devices. If you are thinking about recording audio more regularly and not wanting to do so much post-production, it may be worth spending a few bucks for a higher quality mic.