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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Jul 2020
    1. Hierarchies of domination have not disappeared as female reproduction is replaced bya masculine technophilic reproduction because stereotypical racial typologies remainin place

      The coded, post-racial face--beautiful, placid, pasted on Time--hopes to cover up the history of race science through whitewashed POC traits. This doesn't feel like a celebration of diversity through technoscience as much as an objectified person of color, made more digestible with Eurocentric appeal.

      I also want to recall Cyd's introductory lecture on Haraway's Manifesto--the Cyborg without history, abandoning origin. I understand Haraway's response to pre-naturalization civil rights, but I agree with the "crayola issue" and the post-gender, post-racial dream--disregarding history to move forward--never truly addresses reparations ("reparations" being heavily debated today since George Floyd protests).

      In attempting to dissolve boundaries--as the Times faces and Haraway hopes--requires reparations, in my opinion, else sparking more discursive divisions and identifying further distinctions through tokenization.

      Should interracial people and diversity be seen as evolutionary, utopian, and a level-up? Expressed earlier, I feel it abandons oppressed voices and specific narratives by declaring a colorblind unity. But is there a lens I'm missing?