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  1. Oct 2020
    1. The NFI article appears to be more focused on fatherhood as a topic, and is directed to a very particular audience. “My Girls and me” is aimed at Guardian readers who have interests beyond fatherhood.

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    2. Although this could function as a warning to parents, the purpose of the article tends to be more entertaining, giving insight into celebrity lives.


    3. By contrast, the article in The Guardian, “My girls and me”, is used as an example to show the consequences of too passive parenting.


    4. intending to ‘invest’ through providing early and full emotional support to their child/children. This articles conveys a simple message, which is, “you get what you give”, which is a very fundamental and crucial concept to grasp when paying attention to parenting techniques.


    5. The article on the National Fatherhood Initiative assumes that readers have an interest in improving themselves


    6. Both the texts write for a similar audience,

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    7. use of an extended metaphor, using “financial lingo”

      Evidence- the writer points out specific evidence supporting his point that the purpose of the article is to convey the significance of emotionally investing in your children.

    8. conveys the significance of emotionally investing in your children when they are young and being a ‘present father’

      Point- the writer states the point of the article