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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Download the Telstra Home Dashboard App

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    2. Check to see if you have interference.

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    3. Speed test your modem's current speed.

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    4. Ways to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

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    5. Shift your modem away from thick walls and other obstructions.

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    6. Position your modem off and well above the floor.

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    7. Move your modem to a central point in your home.

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    8. Ways to increase Wi-Fi coverage.

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    9. Here are some tips to help improve your Wi-Fi set up:

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    10. You’ve already got your home internet from us, but with so many devices connected to your home Wi-Fi you just want it to work well. Here are some tips on how to make your experience even better.

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    11. Enjoy a better home internet experience with these Wi-Fi tips.

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    1. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company


    2. If you have any questions, contact your State Farm agent.

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    3. Market conditions in your area may impact the amount it will cost to rebuild your home if you experience a loss. Replacement cost estimates are influenced by supply of labor, demand for labor, and the cost of construction materials. Keeping up with the current market conditions in your area and changing your home insurance coverage amount accordingly, will help you maintain coverage at least equal to 100 percent of the estimated replacement cost coverage for your home. I

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    4. A Contractor or Appraiser Can Help

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    5. What influences the building costs in your area?

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    6. Has the rate of inflation risen since your last appraisal?

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    7. When you upgrade or improve your home, you may increase your home's estimated replacement cost. Your State Farm agent will then help you adjust your policy to meet your home insurance coverage needs.

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    8. Have you recently remodeled or improved your home?

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    9. Review Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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    10. obtaining an estimated replacement cost of your home. Estimates from these sources should reflect your home's features

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    11. you are unable to obtain a detailed estimate from these sources,

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    12. Building contractors or professional replacement cost appraisers are a good source

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    13. Upgraded bathrooms or kitchens (including cabinets). Finished or partially finished basement. Additional rooms or living space. Custom molding or arched windows. Other unique features

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    14. cost will be to replace your home in the future, it's important to have enough coverage to account for unforeseen c



    15. Be Aware of any Factors that may Affect Your Estimated Replacement Cost

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    16. Ask if a replacement cost estimate is available when you have the home appraised. Or, consult with your local builder association or a reputable builder for an estimate. You can also check with your State Farm® agent to help you with this process

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    17. Before you purchase a new home, make sure that you determine the appropriate amount of coverage needed

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    18. Be Sure to Obtain an Estimate

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    19. The market value of the home. The home's purchase price or the cost of the land. The outstanding amount of any mortgage loan

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    20. Replacement cost IS NOT:

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    21. Market Value vs. Replacement Cost

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    22. replacement cost is important because this will ultimately determine which policy options are available to you.

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    23. Select the home insurance coverage amount that best fits your needs.

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    24. Get an estimate of the replacement cost of your home.

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    25. To determine your amount of homeowners insurance coverage:

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    26. here is some important information to consider when determining the coverage amount for your home.

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    27. From market value to replacement cost


    1. Privacy & Security



    2. E-ZPass®

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    3. Register as an Organ Donor

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    4. Register to Vote

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    5. Military Veteran Resources

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    6. Receive Email / Text Reminders

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    7. Show Disclaimers: Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the document. This checklist tells you which documents you have selected to bring as your proofs. DMV 's document guide does not guarantee that DMV can process your transaction. Your documents still need to be verified in the office. DMV will confiscate all documents that appear to be fraudulent for review by DMV 's Investigations Unit. If you submit a fraudulent document, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. Making a false statement in an application or in any proof or statement in conjunction with it, or deceiving or substituting, or causing another person to deceive or substitute in connection with such application, is punishable as a criminal offense under the Penal Law and the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and may result in the revocation or suspension of your license.


    8. I want to Get a Learner Permit or Non-Driver ID Exchange my out-of-state license or CDL Replace, renew, or change my existing NY State license / ID to REAL ID or Enhanced Process other transactions for my existing NY State license / ID

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    9. Options

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    10. Get information on getting a standard license/permit if you do not have a Social Security Number or ineligibility letter from the Social Security Administration

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    11. The Learner Permit is the first step in getting a NY State license or CDL

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    12. If you travel and plan on flying within the U.S., we recommend you get an Enhanced or REAL ID

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    13. Please Note:

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    14. Welcome to DMV's Document Guide


    1. Watch our REAL ID Video on YouTube!

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    2. If you plan to travel, we recommend you upgrade before 2020

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    3. After October 1, 2020, only the Enhanced or REAL ID will be accepted to get on a domestic flight, enter certain federal buildings or military bases (unless you have a Passport).

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    4. EnhancedREAL IDStandard

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    5. Customers have three options when it comes to getting a driver license, permit, or non-driver ID in New York State

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    6. New York offers three types of documents

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    7. Which ID is Right for Me?

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    1. Alert: New office locations are now accepting reservations for license and permit transactions at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building in Harlem, Empire State College in Selden, and Shirley A. Chisholm State Office Building in Brooklyn.

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    2. DMV / Make a reservation Current Page

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    3. Attention

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    1. Urgent: Your regular New York State license or ID card will not allow you to fly starting October 2020. Get a REAL ID or Enhanced Driver License now!

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