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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Exploratary data analysis - Tennis Match between Djokovic and Federer

      Maybe add table of contents, it is really useful

    1. goes on.

      I would suggest maybe to conclude things in a new section and maybe elaborating what should maybe be good for continued exploring in this match. Great work!

    2. Wimbledon

      It is

    3. plt.show()

      Prettiest graph I've seen as far as this project goes!

    4. plt.show()

      Why did you left behind rally of length 1 (Service?)

    5. plt.show()

      I don't quite understand why did you plot forced and unforced errors in one bar. I think they are independent one from another.

    6. plt.show()

      Very interesting and educational

    7. plt.grid('minor')

      I don't like grid cutting bars in half. Maybe just delete grid?

    8. plt.show()

      Don't like overlapping numbers with pie features.

    9. Points won in first and second service

      plagiarism xD

    10. plt.show()

      Really like the different colors in representation

    11. Tennis & Data Science

      If you want, you can add table of contents, it is really effective (download extension for jupyter notebook nbextension trough pip)