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    1. Saltelli, A., Bammer, G., Bruno, I., Charters, E., Di Fiore, M., Didier, E., Nelson Espeland, W., Kay, J., Lo Piano, S., Mayo, D., Pielke Jr, R., Portaluri, T., Porter, T. M., Puy, A., Rafols, I., Ravetz, J. R., Reinert, E., Sarewitz, D., Stark, P. B., … Vineis, P. (2020). Five ways to ensure that models serve society: A manifesto. Nature, 582(7813), 482–484. https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-020-01812-9

    1. Services to UK Expats in Australia

      If you're british expats in Australia and need good, reliable and credible cross border financial planning & UK expats tax advice, Alexander Beard Group can help you!

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    1. Disclaimer: Termly LLC is not a lawyer or a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. All information, software, services, and comments provided on the site are for informational and self-help purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.
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    1. The activity carried out by iubenda does not constitute legal advice in any way and no attorney-client relationship shall be established.
    1. Any explanatory texts provided in correspondence of the available services by no means substitute a legal opinion nor replace the assistance or advice of a professional. Such texts are merely intended to facilitate use and understanding of the Service, and are not exhaustive nor may they fit any specific case.
    1. create the consequences that work with your personality.

      This is key. The Trump donation consequence speaks to me. That'd be awful to have to do.

      I need to hold my project out in front of my greatest enemy. If I finish it, my project and I live on, thrive, and enjoy watching the world enjoy the newfound sense of well-being they've gained as a result of connecting with my work.

      But if I fail, my enemy wins, suddenly causing me to be a part of the problem my work was supposed to be designed to cease.

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    1. It is recommended that a library should have one subclass of StandardError or RuntimeError and have specific exception types inherit from it. This allows the user to rescue a generic exception type to catch all exceptions the library may raise even if future versions of the library add new exception subclasses.
    1. How do you leverage browser cache when Google’s very own Analytics.js has it’s expiry time set to 2 hours? How do you minimize DNS requests when Google advices you to copy their tracking code, linking to an externally hosted Javascript file?If that isn’t bad enough already, Google’s advice is to avoid hosting the JavaScript file locally. And why? To ensure you get access to new features and product updates.
    1. Also, make sure your client will handle an unexpected response. Don’t assume that the comment-check API will always return either true or false. An invalid request may result in an error response; additional information will usually be available in HTTP headers. And of course, a connectivity problem may result in no response at all. It’s important not to misinterpret an invalid response as meaning spam or ham.
    1. A person who is experiencing or could experience suicidal thoughts may show the following signs or symptoms:feeling or appearing to feel trapped or hopelessfeeling intolerable emotional painhaving or appearing to have an abnormal preoccupation with violence, dying, or deathhaving mood swings, either happy or sadtalking about revenge, guilt, or shamebeing agitated, or in a heightened state of anxietyexperiencing changes in personality, routine, or sleeping patternsconsuming drugs or more alcohol than usual, or starting drinking when they had not previously done soengaging in risky behavior, such as driving carelessly or taking drugsgetting their affairs in order and giving things awaygetting hold of a gun, medications, or substances that could end a lifeexperiencing depression, panic attacks, impaired concentrationincreased isolationtalking about being a burden to otherspsychomotor agitation, such as pacing around a room, wringing one’s hands, and removing items of clothing and putting them back onsaying goodbye to others as if it were the last timeseeming to be unable to experience pleasurable emotions from normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise, social interaction, or sexsevere remorse and self criticismtalking about suicide or dying, expressing regret about being alive or ever having been bornA significant number of people with suicidal ideation keep their thoughts and feelings a secret and show no signs that anything is wrong.
    1. Suicide preventionIf you know someone at immediate risk of self-harm, suicide, or hurting another person:Call 911 or the local emergency number.Stay with the person until professional help arrives.Remove any weapons, medications, or other potentially harmful objects.Listen to the person without judgment.If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, a prevention hotline can help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255.

      Things to remember.

    1. Then there’s markup inside each paragraph, like links and such. You could do it right in the translation strings, but your translator then needs to know how to handle the markup, and you risk duplicating knowledge if you go as far as to hard-code link URLs. What I do is split up the translations, but keep them under the same key: en.yml1 2 3 4 log_in_or_sign_up: text: "%{log_in} or %{sign_up} to do stuff." log_in: "Log in" sign_up: "Sign up" header.erb1 2 3 4 5 <%= t( :'log_in_or_sign_up.text', log_in: link_to(t(:'log_in_or_sign_up.log_in'), login_path), sign_up: link_to(t(:'log_in_or_sign_up.sign_up'), signup_path) ) %> This way, the translator sees no code or markup (except for the i18n interpolation syntax) and there is no duplication.
    2. You probably don’t want one translation key per sentence, though. It’s helpful for the translator to have context rather than a lot of short strings, and less fiddly on your part.
    1. Translatable strings should be limited to one paragraph; don’t let a single message be longer than ten lines. The reason is that when the translatable string changes, the translator is faced with the task of updating the entire translated string. Maybe only a single word will have changed in the English string, but the translator doesn’t see that (with the current translation tools), therefore she has to proofread the entire message.
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    1. Do Browse like a user wouldTake natural pauses that users would take to consume page contentFocus on the most common use cases, rather than all the possible use casesTake note of pages where forms/logins occur, you will likely need to complete some scripting there
    1. But, let’s be pragmatic for a second, the 80/20 rule states that you get 80% of the value from 20% of the work and a couple of simple tests are vastly better than no tests at all. Start small and simple, make sure you get something out of the testing first, then expand the test suite and add more complexity until you feel that you’ve reached the point where more effort spent on realism will not give enough return on your invested time.
    1. Load Testing Manifesto Simple testing is better than no testingLoad testing should be goal orientedLoad testing by developersDeveloper experience is super importantLoad test in a pre-production environment
    1. I was able to use the "Gift to a Friend" link on HB on a game I already owned and was able to generate an email to a friend. They were able to successfully get the game.Seeing that my Steam account is linked to HB, I was more worried about clicking the "Reveal Your Steam Key" and getting hosed that way.
    1. It's a good practice to create respond_to_missing? if you are overriding method_missing. That way, the class will tell you the method you are calling exists, even though it's not explicitly declared.
    2. In my opinion respond_to_missing? should never return true as default. Instead, it should be something like check_if_method_meet_condition || super . Another thing is that it is usually defined as respond_to_missing(method_name, include_private = false)
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    1. On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 5:04 AM Apurva Jalit <apurv...@gmail.com> wrote:Hello all,I want to use the hypothesis chrome extension/bookmarklet with my own backend. Great. I have written APIs at the backend that enables actions that can be performed from the chrome extension. To test that, I used the files on my system that were installed with h chrome extension from the chrome.google.com/webstore/. I just changed the value of href on lines 18 and 25 of app.html and set it to my localhost server and everything seemed to work.That's most of it :).Sometime soon it would be nice to have a build system that makes it easy to build the extension without all the Python dependencies and the main repo. I think we should extract the Chrome extension to its own repository at some point, and the same for the main client code. But I eventually want to build a different chrome extension that internally uses hypothesis scripts for the annotation functionality. Thus I need to make it completely independent of any resources hosted on hypothes.is. To do that I certainly need to make changes in the hypothesis chrome extension source code and not use the files I have been using till now. To do that, I seek answers to the following questions. Apart from changing the server details, I also need to make some changes to the sidebar: Just add some text boxes to be able to kind of bookmark the page in addition to ability to add notes. It depends on the changes you want to make. Here are some thoughts and ideas to get you started:The Chrome extension is a small amount of code (in h/browser/chrome) for managing the state of each tab. The rest is just the vanilla client code (in h/static/scripts) and the sidebar view rendered to a static file (the h/templates/app.html served by /viewer stored into an app.html file in the extension bundle).To build everything without changes, but just using a different API server, you can run the extension build command: hypothesis-buildext. $ hypothesis-buildext --help usage: hypothesis-buildext [-h] config_uri {chrome,firefox} ... positional arguments:  config_uri        paster configuration URI optional arguments:  -h, --help        show this help message and exit browser:  {chrome,firefox}    chrome          build the Google Chrome extension    firefox         build the Mozilla Firefox extension Doing this right now makes me realize we're missing documentation for two very important options for this command, --base and --assets.--base is the base URL of the server. It is the root where /api is the API service document (see https://hypothes.is/api).--assets is the base URL for static assets. For a Chrome extension, this should be chrome-extension://<extension id>/publicThe build output goes into build/chrome.Customization gets more complicated from here. Everything is tied to the Python package for building. This makes it harder for someone not familiar with Python and Pyramid, but it's also powerful.The best way to make changes to the application is to make your own Python project and add a dependency (using a requirements.txt file) on the h repository. Then, copy the .ini from h and start changing things to your needs.Examples of things to change:- Enable or disable feature flags- Set the webassets.bundles key  This defaults to "h:assets.yaml" which means "the file called assets.yaml in the h package" to Pyramid. This can be a whitespace separated list of files, with precedence to those files listed first. See the assets.yaml file and then make your own, redefining any bundles you want to change. This is currently the best way to change the JavaScript or CSS without forking.- Make template overrides  If you create a Python package, foo, and have an __init__.py with a function called "includeme" at module scope, you can use Pyramid's asset overrides to substitute your own templates in place of anything in h/templates.For the last of these two ideas, you will need to be familiar with Pyramid and particularly its asset system: http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid/en/1.5-branch/narr/assets.htmlThen there are modications you can do to the JavaScript. You can use Angular's dependency injection to override any of the built in services or controllers, but you will have to figure this out on your own.One thing that is designed to be pluggable right now is authentication. If you have no need for the user account system, or you want to handle authentication your own way, the accounts bundle is kept separate so that you can write your own JavaScript for that. It is not necessary to implement our user API. It is designed to be optional and separate from the annotation API.2. Is there a list of resources that the extension uses from the hypothesis server in the production mode? Any other files like app.html which are fetched from the server? I will need to host all such on my server too.None. The production extension bundles all its assets. Show trimmed content

      Modifying own H instances

    1. Robert Sedlack, my professor for Visual Communication Design I (who also happened to be my advisor and the driving reason why I decided to join the design program) banned two phrases during critiques in his class: “I like” and “I don’t like.”
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    1. Teaching classes

      This article gives several good tips to teaching for the first time, but each teacher will need to find their own teaching persona, and through trial and error they will learn what works best for them.

    1. Finding your teaching groove after a long stint away from the classroom.

      Advice for how to reenter the classroom after a long absence.

    1. check in with your students; extend availabilities to meet; offer feedback, and follow up

      These four actions can do a lot to make students feel seen and connected.

    1. Thoughts on bringing current events into your classroom.

      A conversation between a PhD student and a professor of African American studies about how to discuss current events in difficult times.

    1. assignment sheets

      Student success starts with clear expectations and a clear assignment sheet is part of that.

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  11. www.r4impact.org www.r4impact.org
    1. Afterwards I followed up with practitionersand asked if the conversation provided useful information addressing their cu

      How to ask if the consultation session was useful