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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Through the use of mobile devices, learning man-agement systems (LMS), and social media, a greater portion of the learning process generates digital trails. A student who logs into an LMS leaves thousands of data points, including navigation patterns, pauses, reading habits, and writing habits. These data points may be ambiguous and require additional exploration in order to understand what an extended pause of reading means

      The digital technologies formed new media for organizing educational content and student interactivity. Talking specifically about the rich data in LMS, which still in demand for in-depth research and exploration, may bring instructors deeper understanding on students' performance and their personal academic needs.

    1. Below are brief descriptions of 3 common web analytics methods that are used in LMS performance analysis projects, namely: Learner Web Log Analysis Learner Life-Cycle Analysis Learning Progression Analysis

      It is interesting to see how web analytics methods are used for LMS performance analysis.

    2. For example, Canvas is the LMS platform that helps our university organize and deliver online learning.