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  1. Apr 2022
    1. this post explains: Why we've decided to build our own reading app; What the reading app actually does; and, How we're going about product development.

      Why making a reading app.

    1. My 'Getting Things Done' Setup Over the Years

      title:: my getting things done setup over the years

      Note: * - This is the title


    2. About the same time I came across the PARA Method which works well with a GTD system to provide some structure and management around your filing system. Within the first book of GTD the filing system is referenced as a store that needs reviewing every so often for cleaning it out, with PARA it splits the mass into “Areas” and “Projects' much like GTD, and assigns the useful information storage to “Resources”.

      How PARA relates to GTD. It provides structure and management to one's filing system.