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  1. Oct 2016
    1. I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,

      Bringing us back to nature

    2. And filter and fibre your blood.

      and how do you plan on doing this?

    3. Missing me one place search another, I stop somewhere waiting for you.

      sometimes its not always good to wait

    4. Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself,

      you just answered your own question

    5. The friendly and flowing savage, who is he?

      good question! can a savage be friendly?

    6. Not a cholera patient lies at the last gasp but I also lie at the last gasp,

      such an old school disease, yet we still have it in some parts of the world

    7. The hiss of the surgeon’s knife, the gnawing teeth of his saw, Wheeze, cluck, swash of falling blood, short wild scream, and long, dull, tapering groan,

      if i got shot back in those days id just shoot myself. All they did was amputate with no morphine or anything, put a bullet in my head

    8. Formless stacks of bodies and bodies by themselves, dabs of flesh upon the masts and spars,

      shows the true horrors of war

    9. A youth not seventeen years old seiz’d his assassin till two more came to release him,

      thats a powerful line

    10. Bearded, sunburnt, drest in the free costume of hunters, Not a single one over thirty years of age.

      shows how we send the young to fight and die for something they believe is the right cause or are brainwashed into thinking they are fighting for a good cause. This makes me think of the saying old men start wars young men finish them

    11. Their colonel was wounded and their ammunition gone,

      sounds like the plot for every american war move, yet this was true at the Alamo

    12. Their colonel was wounded and their ammunition gone,

      sounds like the plot line of every american war movie, yet this was true at the Alamo

    13. The hundred and fifty are dumb yet at Alamo,)

      is this man insulting those who died fighting to keep texas from the mexican army?

    14. grenades


    15. I am the clock myself.

      those are some powerful words right there

    16. the buck turns furiously at the hunter,

      the odds turn against the human it seems he wants animals to overpower humans

    17. My ties and ballasts leave me, my elbows rest in sea-gaps,

      that is one giant gap

    18. Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things

      yea, that a huge problem it todays society, turning thanksgiving into a shopping spree

    19. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

      powerful line, is he renouncing God?

    20. I think I could turn and live with animals, they’re so placid and self-contain’d, I stand and look at them long and long.

      couldn't you argue to an extent that humans are the same way? And that we are animals ourselves?

    21. And a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels.

      what does he mean by this?

    22. They seize every object and lead it harmlessly through me.

      who is they?

    23. Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sun-rise would kill me, If I could not now and always send sun-rise out of me.

      how i feel waking up with a hangover

    24. The wonder is always and always how there can be a mean man or an infidel.

      I like the use of infidel here

    25. I exist as I am, that is enough,

      yea, live your life the way you want to

    26. What is removed drops horribly in a pail;

      what is being removed?

    27. They do not hasten, each man hits in his place.

      just like an assembly line

    28. just like an assembly line

    29. The runaway slave came to my house and stopt outside, I heard his motions crackling the twigs of the woodpile, Through the swung half-door of the kitchen I saw him limpsy and weak, And went where he sat on a log and led him in and assured him, And brought water and fill’d a tub for his sweated body and bruis’d feet, And gave him a room that enter’d from my own, and gave him some coarse clean clothes,

      is this apart of the underground railroad?

    30. The suicide sprawls on the bloody floor of the bedroom, I witness the corpse with its dabbled hair, I note where the pistol has fallen.

      that's a site you never forget

    31. I lift the gauze

      the baby has some sort of wound?

    32. What do you think has become of the young and old men? And what do you think has become of the women and children?

      society has it backwards nowadays

    33. Dark to come from under the faint red roofs of mouths.

      that's a deep line

    34. Growing among black folks as among white, Kanuck, Tuckahoe, Congressman, Cuff, I give them the same, I receive them the same.

      at least he's not racist or discriminates

    35. A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands, How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more than he.

      I think that way to sometimes like who looked at that green stuff on the ground and decided that would be called grass?

    36. I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.

      I find this statement interesting I am not sure why but it is interesting

    37. The sickness of one of my folks or of myself, or ill-doing or loss or lack of money

      Does money really mean that much though to worry about?

    38. I am satisfied — I see, dance, laugh, sing; As the hugging and loving bed-fellow sleeps at my side through the night, and withdraws at the peep of the day with stealthy tread,

      Sounds like he just loves life

    39. Urge and urge and urge,

      always important to have ambition

    40. Have you felt so proud to get at the meaning of poems?

      I feel that way every time

    41. The sniff of green leaves and dry leaves, and of the shore and dark-color’d sea-rocks, and of hay in the barn,

      I feel like this describes New England pretty well

    42. so he wants to talk to the wood?

    43. I am in love with it,

      Really loves nature and the earth I see

    44. Houses and rooms are full of perfumes, the shelves are crowded with perfumes,

      always good to smell good

    45. I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin, Hoping to cease not till death.

      I think we all think about that, nobody wakes up and wants to be a vegetable

    46. every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air,

      That's deep shows that we come from the earth, yet we still continue to destroy it.

  2. Sep 2016
    1. As Moses said, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”

      Of course this would end with a Bible quote, and i am not entirely sure that through her ordeal if standing still would have any impact on her situation.

    2. That we must rely on God Himself, and our whole dependance must be upon Him.

      I am not sure if i agree with this. I get that being spiritual can help you keep a positive mindset in a time of great stress, however, it is up to the person and fight or flight would take over in this situation, just my opinion.

    3. et seeing many, whom I preferred before myself, under many trials and afflictions, in sickness, weakness, poverty, losses, crosses, and cares of the world, I should be sometimes jealous least I should have my portion in this life,

      so she is disappointed that she survived her time being held hostage?

    4. One hour I have been in health, and wealthy, wanting nothing. But the next hour in sickness and wounds, and death, having nothing but sorrow and affliction.

      crazy to think about how something can change in a split second.

    5. I remember in the night season, how the other day I was in the midst of thousands of enemies, and nothing but death before me. It is then hard work to persuade myself, that ever I should be satisfied with bread again. But now we are fed with the finest of the wheat, and, as I may say, with honey out of the rock. Instead of the husk, we have the fatted calf.

      Her time in captivity has really changed her

    6. it

      there she goes again calling her child "it"

    7. Their not knowing where our children were

      I feel like this is every parents worse nightmare

    8. There I met with my brother, and my brother-in-law, who asked me, if I knew where his wife was? Poor heart! he had helped to bury her, and knew it not.

      how does one explain that? Or is it better to keep him thinking that she is still missing

    9. He preserved Daniel in the lion’s den;

      I love this story so much that i got it tattooed on my arm

    10. and go home along with me. I told him no: I was not willing to run away, but desired to wait God’s time, that I might go home quietly, and without fear.

      more of that Stockholm Syndrome

    11. But to return again to my going home, where we may see a remarkable change of providence

      Providence, RI?

    12. I was with the enemy eleven weeks and five days, and not one week passed without the fury of the enemy, and some desolation by fire and sword upon one place or other.

      might not seem like a long time on paper but i bet this time went by so slow

    13. They would eat horse’s guts, and ears, and all sorts of wild birds which they could catch;

      I feel like this would lead to disease

    14. They would pick up old bones, and cut them to pieces at the joints, and if they were full of worms and maggots, they would scald them over the fire to make the vermine come out, and then boil them, and drink up the liquor, and then beat the great ends of them in a mortar, and so eat them.

      Does this mean that they would drink the broth from the bones and eat the worms or maggots?

    15. It was thought, if their corn were cut down, they would starve and die with hunger, and all their corn that could be found,

      Barbaric in nature makes you think who is the real barbarian?

    16. further affliction to our poor country. They could go in great numbers over, but the English must stop. God had an over-ruling hand in all those things.

      so God should leave the INDIANS land?

    17. they asked me when I thought the English army would come after them? I told them I could not tell. “It may be they will come in May,”

      That has to be the worst not knowing if a search party will be sent out after you.

    18. It is the Lord’s doing, and it should be marvelous in our eyes.

      so she thinks that her capture was meant to be and the Lord had a plan for her all along?

    19. But what shall I say? God seemed to leave his People to themselves, and order all things for His own holy ends.

      Is she giving up on religion?

    1. I told them, they had as good knock me in head as starve me to death.

      She has changed so much from The First Remove

    2. and one of them my own sister’s

      It seems as though her entire family is in captivity

    3. I saw an Englishman stripped naked, and lying dead upon the ground, but knew not who it was.

      did they take his clothes to dehumanize him? or were they used to trade?

    1. Some of them told me he was dead, and they had killed him; some said he was married again, and that the Governor wished him to marry; and told him he should have his choice, and that all persuaded I was dead. So like were these barbarous creatures to him who was a liar from the beginning.

      They are trying to break her down psychologically it appears and they may win this battle, after all, the Bible has started to offer her little to no comfort.

    2. Thomas Read. They all gathered about the poor man, asking him many questions. I desired also to go and see him; and when I came, he was crying bitterly, supposing they would quickly kill him. Whereupon I asked one of them, whether they intended to kill him; he answered me, they would not.

      Is this man a settler or perhaps a soldier?

    3. I knew that He laid upon me less than I deserved.

      This is a powerful sentence right here

    4. Then also I took my Bible to read, but I found no comfort here neither, which many times I was wont to find.

      they have broken her down so bad that now she does not find comfort in the Bible, intense!

    5. I thought of the English army, and hoped for their coming, and being taken by them, but that failed.

      Where are the boys in red anyways?

    6. that by the morning I recovered my sight again

      that's a miracle

    7. and she threw a handful of ashes in mine eyes.

      Should have done the same right back to her

    8. But the Lord upheld my Spirit, under this discouragement; and I considered their horrible addictedness to lying, and that there is not one of them that makes the least conscience of speaking of truth.

      You just lost your child, your husband, and now your son, the conditions are getting worse, if you are going to die take people with you lady!

    9. He answered me that such a time his master roasted him, and that himself did eat a piece of him, as big as his two fingers, and that he was very good meat.

      Damnit, i was hoping the son would somehow make it out unharmed and intact from this situation.

    1. that it would be no matter if my head were off too.

      seems like the conditions she lives and works in are just getting worse and worse

    2. under the appearance of a Friend Indian, a

      What is a French Indian?

    3. Towards night I gathered some sticks for my own comfort, that I might not lie a-cold; but when we came to lie down they bade me to go out, and lie somewhere else, for they had company

      Sharpen the sticks and make weapons!

    4. I found six acorns, and two chestnuts, which were some refreshment to me.

      the definition of hunger

    5. my master being gone, who seemed to me the best friend that I had of an Indian,

      Got that Stockholm Syndrome going?

    6. on a sudden my mistress gives out; she would go no further, but turn back again,

      This is a bad sign

    7. I complained it was too heavy, whereupon she gave me a slap in the face,

      nobody likes a complainer

    8. he found me sitting and reading in my Bible; she snatched it hastily out of my hand, and threw it out of doors.

      of course she is reading the Bible, is this a sign of aggression by her snatching it out of her hands?

    9. I asked my master whether he would sell me to my husband

      That sucks that the guy you vowed to spend the rest of your life with and now you must buy him back

    10. a Sabbath-day-morning,

      the worst time to travel it seems like

    1. I desired them that they would carry me to Albany upon one of those horses, and sell me for powder: for so they had sometimes discoursed. I was utterly hopeless of getting home on foot, the way that I came. I could hardly bear to think of the many weary steps I had taken, to come to this place.

      there is life! looks like the fight is over and soon they will return home after suffering through so much heartache

    2. It was made of parched wheat, beaten, and fried in bear’s grease

      interesting combo never heard of bear grease being used for cooking.

    3. I bought a piece of horse flesh

      i wonder what horse tastes like

    4. “No,” said he, “none will hurt you.” Then came one of them and gave me two spoonfuls of meal to comfort me, and another gave me half a pint of peas; which was more worth than many bushels at another time.

      maybe not, there is hope!

    5. Yet I answered, they would kill me.

      what a horrible realization to come to

    6. and rejoiced over their gains and victories. Then my heart began to fail: and I fell aweeping, which was the first time to my remembrance, that I wept before them

      this is sad the strong will to live has vanished.

    7. “I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord: the Lord hath chastened me sore yet he hath not given me over to death”

      sounds like they have just accepted the fact they are going to die but want it to be a noble death

    8. Some of the Indians ran one way, and some another.

      what made them decide to run?

    1. The first week of my being among them I hardly ate any thing; the second week I found my stomach grow very faint for want of something; and yet it was very hard to get down their filthy trash; but the third week, though I could think how formerly my stomach would turn against this or that, and I could starve and die before I could eat such things, yet they were sweet and savory to my taste.

      are the captors using hunger as a weapon?

    2. “When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee” (Isaiah 43.2).

      sounds like religion has been keeping this lady at peace during her time in captivity

    3. I thought to count the number of them, but they were so many, and being somewhat in motion, it was beyond my skill.

      does this mean there will be military action?

    1. One of the Indians that came from Medfield fight, had brought some plunder, came to me, and asked me, if I would have a Bible, he had got one in his basket. I was glad of it, and asked him, whether he thought the Indians would let me read? He answered, yes.

      the indians are not so barbaric after all it appears.

    2. where it seems he had been during his captivity

      so close, i wonder if anyone set out in a search party looking for him?

    3. She was about ten years old, and taken from the door at first by a Praying Ind. and afterward sold for a gun.

      nevermind i jumped the gun there, no pun intended

    4. , I went to see my daughter Mary, who was at this same Indian town, at a wigwam not very far off, though we had little liberty or opportunity to see one another.

      Sounds as though they are living peacefully among the indians

    5. violent means to end my own miserable life. In the morning, when they understood that my child was dead they sent for me home to my master’s wigwam

      ah, sad i knew the child would eventually end up dead.

    6. having nothing to revive the body

      will this prove to be fatal?

    7. Captain Beers’s fight,

      what an awesome last name

    8. I then remembered how careless I had been of God’s holy time; how many Sabbaths I had lost and misspent, and how evilly I had walked in God’s sight;

      this person seems to care more about their dying baby and God than tending to their own wound

    9. I then remembered how careless I had been of God’s holy time; how many Sabbaths I had lost and misspent, and how evilly I had walked in God’s sight;

      this person seems to care more about their dying baby and God than tending to their own wound

    10. One of the Indians got up upon a horse, and they set me up behind him, with my poor sick babe in my lap.

      ah, so they are living among the indians with christian beliefs, are they possibly prisoners or just deserters?

    1. with my sick child in my arms, looking that every hour would be the last of its life; and having no Christian friend near me, either to comfort or help me.

      this has to be hard to witness, it sounds as though this person is a defector from a christian group and is out on their own now?

    2. My own wound also growing so stiff that I could scarce sit down or rise up;

      early signs of a possibly fatal infection

    3. But the Lord renewed my strength still, and carried me along, that I might see more of His power; yea, so much that I could never have thought of, had I not experienced it.

      seems as though they are heavily in touch with religion and a belief

    4. I must turn my back upon the town, and travel with them into the vast and desolate wilderness, I knew not whither. It is not my tongue, or pen, can express the sorrows of my heart, and bitterness of my spirit that I had at this departure: but God was with me in a wonderful manner, carrying me along, and bearing up my spirit, that it did not quite fail.

      sounds like someone has morals and is living with the guilt of actions by others

    1. Oh the roaring, and singing and dancing, and yelling of those black creatures in the night, which made the place a lively resemblance of hell.

      way to be intolerable of an entire population of people by making comparisons to evil before you even get a chance to know them

    2. barbarous creatures

      calling them creatures is a way to dehumanize them and justify anything that is about to happen to them for they are not human so it is ok

    1. "Farewell, younger brother! From the holy places the gods come for me. You will never see me again; but when the showers pass and the thunder peals, 'There,' you will say, 'is the voice of my elder brother,' and when the harvest comes, of the beautiful birds and grasshoppers you will say 'There is the ordering of my elder brother.'

      well at least he was rewarded for his journey and will forever be watching over his little brother

    2. The brothers departed on the hunt

      right back at it

    3. From Lejpáhiço the family moved to Dsildjoltcin¢i (Mountain of Hatred).

      lovely place to reside

    4. "Yes, you have done well, for had you lost the second race you would have lost with it the rain and the sunshine and all that makes life glad."

      talk about having it all one the line

    5. The Navajo accepted the challenge and agreed to have the race at the end of another twelve days.

      the Navajo never gets a break

    6. "Your grandson and his friend have done a great deed for us; they have made a long journey. Many doubted whether they had really made it until we saw the multitude gathering in our camp from the north and from the south in obedience to their summons. Now we know that they have spoken the truth. Tell me, I beg you, how they did this wonderful thing."

      at least someone appreciates all they went through

    7. The Navajo asked the Ute where the missing ones were, and the Ute answered that they had passed the Jicarilla on the way; that the latter were coming, but had stopped to play a game of roulette, or nánjoj, and were thus delayed.

      are they setting them up for an ambush?

    8. On the afternoon of the third day following the one on which the akáninilis made their journeys, a great cloud of dust was observed on the northern horizon and a similar cloud was seen in the south. They grew greater and came nearer, and then the invited Indians began to arrive from both directions.

      time for peace talks?

    9. About the middle of the afternoon, while they were playing their games, one looked to the north, and, at a distance, he saw one of the messengers approaching them, and he cried out, "Here comes Tlà¢esçìni; he has wakened from his sleep and is coming back for something to eat."

      food also seems to unite people

    10. It was agreed that before the dance began Dsilyi` Neyáni should be allowed four days and four nights in which to tell his story and that the medicine man should send out a number of young men to collect the plants that were necessary for the coming ceremony. For four nights and for four days

      everything has to do with the number four in this legend, i wonder what the number four has to do with the Navajo beliefs?

    11. Now Qastcèëlçi took him to a place called Lejpáhiço (Brown Earth Water) and led him to the top of a high hill, from which they could see in the far distance Gángiço, where the prophet's family dwelt;

      has this journey made him into a prophet?

    12. "Thus do we wish the Navajo to do in the dance which you will teach them; but they must take good care not to break off the arrowheads when they swallow and withdraw them." Such is the origin of the dance of the kátso-yisçàn, or p. 28 great plumed arrow. As they bade him good bye, one of them said to the Navajo: "

      interesting quote

    13. said the squirrels

      another relation between human and nature

    14. "Be not angry with us. This is a Navajo who was a captive among the Ute, but he has escaped and has suffered much. I`¢nì` (the Lightning) has bidden us to take him to the homes of all the ¢igìni (holy ones, supernatural beings); therefore we have brought him here

      this is just an understatement

    15. "Do thus. There are eight of us here; but when yon do this in the dance that you will teach your people you need not have eight young men--six will be enough."

      does this mean that two will be exiled or two will die?

    16. He observed a streak of white lightning that spanned a broad valley, stretching from the hill on which he stood to a distant wooded mountain. "There," said Ka¢lùgi Esçàya, pointing to the lightning, "is the trail you must follow. It leads to yonder mountain, which is named Bistcàgi."

      hes just setting him up to get struck by lightning

    17. Within they encountered a bald headed old man who had only a little tuft of hair over each ear. This was Klictsò, the Great Serpent. He asked Niltci who his human companion was, and the wind god answered that he was a Navajo who had been captured by the Ute, but had escaped from them and had suffered many hardships. On hearing this Klictsò showed the Indian how to make the kethàwns, now known to the Navajo shamans as klictsò-bikeçan, or sacrificial sticks of the Great Serpent, and he told him how to plant these sacrifices.

      so many native american words in one little snippet

    18. "Oh, my grandfather, I am tired and sore and sleepy. I would like to lie down under this tree and sleep." But the god answered, "Go, my grandchild, to yonder fire and rest," and he pointed to a distant gleam on the side of a mountain which lay beyond a very deep valley. "No, my grandfather," cried the Navajo, "I am weary and my limbs are sore and weak; I can not travel so far." "I will help you," said the yay, and as he spoke he spanned the valley with a flash of lightning, over which he led the man to the distant mountain. They reached it at a point close to the fire; but the moment they stood again on the firm earth Qastcèëlçi and the fire vanished.

      the Navajo cannot catch a break

    19. there; it dug a cavern with four chambers. Then dark clouds gathered and rain began to fall. "Have you anything with you that may help you?" asked the god. "I have nothing," said the Navajo, "but four sprays of spruce, which the Yàybichy bade me pluck from the tree on which I descended into the cañon the night I left the Ute camp." "They will do," said the wind god. "Make quickly four balls of mud and thrust through each ball a twig of the spruce, and lay them on the ground so that the tops of the twigs will point towards your enemies The Navajo did as he was commanded.

      reminds me a little bit about the bible and building the Ark for he has taken direct directions from the divine to construct something

    20. , Kleyatcini pointed out to him the mountains in which his home lay and counseled him to travel directly towards them.

      the mountains did not really work out too well in the past

    21. in silence listening to them. After a while the rat woman said to him: "You seem to be tired and hungry. Will you have something to eat?" and he answered, "Yes; I am very hungry and would like some food." On bearing this she went into one corner of her dwelling, where were many chips and bones and shells of seeds and skins of fruits, and she brought him some of these and offered them to him; but at this moment the wind god whispered into his ear and warned him not to partake of the refuse; so he said to the woman, "My mother, I can not eat these things."

      interesting he refers to the rat as mother

    22. "It is well," said the rat, "that you have told me this, for I think I can save you.

      can you really trust a rat?

    23. the sheep returned to him to notify him that his enemies had withdrawn and that he could set out on his journey again without fear.

      at least the sheep are good for something other than wool

    24. he beheld standing there a black mountain sheep. Thinking that this singular vision was sent to him as a sign from the yays (gods) and boded well for him, he came to the base of the rock, when the sheep addressed him, saying: "My grandson, come around to the other side of the rock and you will p. 18 find a place where you may ascend."

      having an epiphany or just dehydrated?

    25. So, taking a tanned elk skin to cover his back and a pair of new moccasins to protect his feet,

      nature always looking out for them

    26. said the divine one;

      who is the divine?

    27. At this moment he heard, at a little distance to the south of where he stood, the hoot of an owl. Instantly recollecting the words of the owl-like form which he had encountered at the spring at nightfall, he set off in the direction from which the call proceeded.

      owls are wise, follow them

    28. The voice ceased and the form of the owl-man vanished. Then the Navajo put the stopples into the vessels and carried them back. When he returned he observed that two large dogs were tied to the door, one on each side, and that three doors had been added to the lodge during his absence, so that now there were four doors covering the doorway. When he entered he found the lodge filled with Ute and he saw four bags of tobacco and four pipes lying near the fire, one at each cardinal point of the compass. He observed a very old man and a very p. 15 old woman seated at the door, one on each side. A cord tied to the old woman passed round the edge of the lodge on one side, behind the spectators, to the west, and another cord, tied to the man, passed round on the opposite side of the lodge. His master bade him sit down in the west, and when he was seated one of the cords was tied to his wrists and one to his ankles, and thus he was secured to the old pair.

      what the hell?

    29. he prayed to the head of the deer, saying: Whenever I have appealed to you, you have helped me, my pet. Once you were alive, my pet. Take care that I do not die, my pet. Watch over me.

      shows how much they are in touch with their surroundings and nature

    30. Ute took pity on him and lent him a horse to ride,

      thats kind of them

    31. old man began to address the party in a loud voice and the young warrior lowered his arrow and relaxed his bow

      sometimes its good to still live with your parents

    32. round, he saw a great crowd on horseback riding towards him. To see better he drew off his mask, and then observed that they were dividing into two lines as they advanced; a moment later he was surrounded. The horsemen were of the tribe of Ute, a people whose language he did not understand.

      now he's in for it

    33. Then he remembered what his father had told him of the shrubs that would always have deer for his arrow. Looking around he saw a cliff rose, into which he shot his dart, and at the game instant p. 11 he observed a deer falling in the shrub.

      the wise words of the old man never fail

    34. They wont of together, and soon espied a herd of deer. The elder brother put on the deer mask and began to imitate the motions of the animal,

      most interesting hunting technique i have ever heard of

    35. struck the object and penetrated both heart and lungs so far that the point protruded on the opposite side.

      that's one hell of a shot

    36. "Cut the skin around the neck; then carefully take the skin from the bead, so as to remove the horns, ears, and all other parts, without tearing the skin anywhere. Leave such an amount of flesh with the nose and lips that they will not shrivel and lose their shape when they dry. Then take the skin from the body, which skin will again be mine. One of you must take out the pluck and carry that in the hide to me; the other will bring the skin of the head and the meat. Let him who bears the pluck come in advance, and stop not till he comes directly to me; and he must hand it to me and to no one else."

      very detailed, i suppose this is for a ritual of some sort?

    37. "It always takes four trials before you succeed. Go out once more, and if you kill a deer do not dress it, but leave it as it is.

      the old man is not about giving up

    38. "Well," said the father, "this skin of the first slain is mine; go and stretch it and dry it for me with care."

      way to make your sons do all the work and take all the credit for it, even though you passed down your knowledge to them you still take advantage of them, nice

    39. The elder brother had not traveled far when he saw a herd of deer and shot one of the number.

      projectiles solve all your problems

    40. they lifted the stone and found under it the body of a rat.

      at least its protein

    41. In this way they sweated themselves four times, keeping all the time a perfect silence, until they emerged for the last time, when the old man directed his daughters to dig some soap root and make a lather.

      this man has some very interesting parenting skills

    42. You kill nothing because you know nothing. If you had knowledge you would be successful. I pity you." The young men made no reply, but lay down and went to sleep.

      there is no comeback to that

    43. he seemed to be lost in deep contemplation;

      he was on a spiritual conquest?

    44. Thus they hunted four days unsuccessfully.

      that must crush morale

    45. look for a ford.

      i didnt know F150s could float, but seriously what is a ford?

    46. hese they skinned, disemboweled, crushed between two stones, bones and all, so that nothing might be lost, put them into an earthen pot to boil, and when they were sufficiently cooked they added some powdered seeds to make a thick soup; of all this they p. 7 made a hearty meal.

      this relates back to that native american belief that you respect what you kill and use every part of it

    47. With all their work they found it hard to make a living in this place.

      all that hard work, for nothing, must have been the ultimate let down right there

    48. They made mats of fine cedar bark with which to cover themselves in bed, for in those days the Navajo did not weave blankets such as they make now.

      why the hell not?

    49. They had a stone ax-head, with a groove in it. Around this they bent a flexible twig of oak and tied it with the fibers of the yucca, and thus they made a handle

      talk about using your surroundings to create a tool to do almost all work you can imagine

    50. The spring he developed still exists and is known to the Navajo as Çobinàkis, or the One-Eyed Water.

      Pretty cool that this spring is still around today

    51. When they first encamped there was no water in the vicinity and the elder brother went out to see if he could find some.

      first mistake right there always find a water source when camping

    52. They did not live all the time in one locality, but moved from place to place in the neighborhood. The young men hunted rabbits and wood rats, for it was on such small animals that they all subsisted. The girls spent their time gathering various wild edible seeds.

      gender plays an important role, what is a wood rat?

  3. Jun 2016
    1. Critical Pedagogy suggests a specific kind of anti-capitalist, liberatory praxis.

      Ah! So it is Marxism

    2. The banking model of education is efficient in that it maintains order and is bureaucratically neat and tidy.

      Because questioning the system is wrong

    3. word “pedagogy” has been misread — that the project of education has been misdirected — that educators and students alike have found themselves more and more flummoxed by a system that values assessment over engagement, learning management over discovery, content over community, outcomes over epiphanies. Education (and, to an even greater extent, edtech) has misrepresented itself as objective, quantifiable, apolitical.

      Is this referring to the education system in place and now and how public schools are looking for higher test scores rather than letting the student get anything out of it?

    4. Higher education teaching is particularly uncritical and under-theorized.

      After taking this class, I would have to disagree with that

    5. There are a whole host of other words I’d use to describe this work: instruction, classroom management, training, outcomes-driven, standards-based, content delivery

      Marxism in the classroom?

    6. Increasingly, the web is a space of politics, a social space, a professional space, a space of community.

      Ever read the YouTube comments? There is no space of community or professionalism there

    7. “becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.”

      it makes us all robots

  4. Dec 2015
    1. The results of N+7 would seem absolutely nonsensical,

      When letters became apart of math, it was already nonessential

    2. Deformed Humanities tears apart existing structures and uses the scraps.

      wow they really don't waste anything do they

    3. not to go back to the original text with a revitalized perspective, but to make an entirely new text or artifact.

      reminds me of that old game madlibs

    4. Let him lie there, a cracked shell oozing yolk. He is broken. And he is beautiful. The smell, the colors, the flow, the texture, the mess.

      Sounds like something Ted Bundy would say

    5. I don’t want to put Humpy Dumpty back together.

      This fool shouldn't have sat on that damn wall in the first place knowing he was all fragile, I wouldn't put his stupid ass back together again either

    6. deformance appears to embrace the actual deformity of a text and then at the last possible moment sidesteps it.

      is this somewhat of a contradiction?

    7. Computers let us practice deformance quite easily, taking apart a text

      Isn't this what we use hypothesis for?

    8. Yet deformance has become a key methodology of the branch of digital humanities that focuses on text analysis and data-mining.

      Cyberculture is really changing the way we think I guess

    9. Years before Samuels and McGann suggested reading backward as the paradigmatic deformance, the influential composition professor Peter Elbow suggested reading a poem backwards as a way to “breathe life into a text”


    10. This is a portmanteau that combines the words performance and deform into an interpretative concept premised upon deliberately misreading a text, for example, reading a poem backwards line-by-line.

      so they are trying to confuse us?

  5. Nov 2015
    1. academic activism at all should be considered to be part of the digital humanities.

      always important to put academics in something when you are dropping this much money on something

    2. From the spectacular emergence of new media innovations such as blogging, podcasting, flashmobs, mashups, and RSS feeds to video-sharing websites (MySpace, YouTube), Wikipedia, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), the how and what we know of contemporary society, culture and politics is continuously being creatively transformed by strikingly original developments in technologies of digital communication.

      these can be for the better and for the worse

    3. Neither critical cyberculture studies, nor internet studies, nor initiatives such as new media studies and critical digital studies, which all come from cultural studies or art theory backgrounds, typically make frequent use of the term digital humanities.

      So this is a new type of theory?

    4. The goals of the center are to further humanities scholarship, create new forms of knowledge, and explore technology’s impact on humanities-based disciplines.

      This sounds dangerous

    5. . It equips students to analyze problems in terms of digital methods, choose those best for the job at hand, apply them creatively and assess the results

      so this removes the students from the classroom?

    6. this is a political as well as an intellectual issue. In the case of radical divergence (which I think would be a tragic mistake), one might expect turf battles, competition for funding, changing disciplinary boundaries, and shifting academic prestige

      there will be bloodshed over this?

    7. will the Digital Humanities become a separate field whose interests are increasingly remote from the Traditional Humanities, or will it on the contrary become so deeply entwined with questions of hermeneutic interpretation that no self-respecting Traditional scholar could remain ignorant of its results?

      sounds like a big gamble to take

    8. the humanities where technology is a key participant in the decentering of authorship, credentialing practices, reward systems, interdisciplinarity, and collaboration.

      So the digital humanities is policing the humanities?

    9. Humanities 1.0 and Humanities 2.0 — making use of the distinction between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

      Sounds like they are turning computers into humans, scary

    10. According to McPherson, the computing humanities focus on building tools, infrastructure, standards and collections whereas the blogging humanities are concerned with the production of networked media and peer-to-peer writing.

      I guess this is a good idea to let people online review your work remaining anonymous

    11. outside of the traditional humanities disciplines

      and what are these disciplines?

    12. The first part provides a territorial fly-through (critical overview) of the landscape of the digital humanities that discusses ways of "reading" the territory as well as specific parts of the terrain.

      I find reading on a computer screen to be quite difficult

    13. naming is related to shifts in institutional, disciplinary, and social organization.

      Technology is taking over humanity

    1. The sufferings of neurosis and psychosis are for us a schooling in the passions of the soul, just as the beam of the psychoanalytic scales, when we calculate the tilt of its threat to entire communities,

      is this mental health reform finally?

    2. which the first analysts tried to define when they invoked destructive and, indeed, death instincts, in order to explain the evident connection between the narcissistic libido and the alienating function of the I< the aggressivity it releases in any relation to the other, even in a relation involving the most Samaritan of aid.

      This just sounds like a whole bunch of words thrown together and the nice way of putting it that some people just need a one way ticket to the funny farm

    3. paranoiac alienation

      paranoid schizophrenia?

    4. his fragmented body - which terms I have also introduced into our system of theoretical references - usually manifests itself in dreams when the movement of the analysis encounters a certain level of aggressive disintegration in the individual.

      Is this where premeditated murder or premeditated aggravated assault w/ or w/ out a deadly weapon stems from?