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  1. Aug 2019
    1. to try and consolidate the great work in visual, digital, and multimodal content construction…while making it easy & flexible enough for teachers to make this work happen in their classrooms.

      I also think that this is really important in theory. Not all schools will have access to these sort of things and if they do not, where do you go from there?

    2. The ideas and concepts in all of this work does overlap sometimes…and students and teachers should feel empowered to move in, out, and between all of the concepts. Working online is a fluid experience which calls for flexible learners.

      I think a lot of teaching is overlapping. You continue to review no matter the material.

    3. ORC) has elements of “communication” identified as the last of the five skills students need.

      Communication is what I feel is really important. You are trying to get your point across and this is one of the most important steps.

  2. Jul 2019
    1. understand “credibility” and “relevance”…but they do understand words like

      Great point!

    2. This also draws on tenets from Understanding by Design (UbD) as you begin with the end in mind and think about where you would like to bring students by the end of the project.

      This is something that is extremely important. Before planning any type of project, assess where you want your students to be and what you want them to learn!

    3. This work should also be compiled in a manner that is appropriate and accessible for your students and their grade level.

      I like that it is mentioned that the projects need to be age and grade level appropriate

    4. Students collaboratively (with the instructor) identify an area of interest and co-construct a driving question to guide inquiry.

      I have the hardest time trying to form a great driving question.

    1. Encouraging students to reach out to one another to solve problems not only builds collaboration skills but leads to deeper learning and understanding.

      Being able to reach out to peers for help is important. Collaboration with other educators will help you become successful

    1. Knowledge of content is of critical importance for teachers.

      Being up to date on content is crucial. I also think being able to adapt and differentiate is just as important.

    1. Connected learning is realized when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.

      I have always believed that students who are interested in a topic, like really interested, will excel.

    2. I think that connected learning can be really easy to navigate. There are so many avenues that a teacher could create to keep the students connected. One student had talked about chat rooms about subjects and the idea sounds great!

  3. Oct 2018
    1. and you will not like kids when you are finished.

      I don't really like this statement. I think that frustrations will arise but I don't think I have a dislike for children because of me becoming a teacher.

    2. because you think it will be easy, or because you ‘like kids.

      I love children, I worked in a child care center for a year and that was when I decided that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

    3. don’t make more money and I have less time for myself, but I wouldn’t trade any of that. I love meeting new students every year and I thrive in an atmosphere of change and flexibility.”

      I look forward to the days were I am setting my classroom up and making name templates for my new students. The money is not going to be great, but the experience will be amazing.

    4. Teachers are not in it for the money

      When I first decided that I wanted to become an elementary school, I knew that I was not going to go into the field for the money. #cofc.edu