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  1. May 2019
    1. De acuerdo con el nivel de cambio en la clasificación de edificios fueron los siguientes:•Categoría 1: Edificio con bajo nivel de cambio.•Categoría 2: Edificación con nivel medio de cambio.•Categoría 3: Edificación con nivel medio de cambio.

      It is interesting the analysis they make on the effects of urbanization on heritage buildings. Of the eight selection variables I have a doubt with respect to the first variable, "Of the change in built heritage", in it three levels of change are established: the question is What were the criteria that determined the low, medium and high level, how is it established that it is medium and not high and vice versa? Additionally, did you have the original architectural plans of the constructions to make comparisons of the change? Finally, is it possible to find open-ended research data? Thank you very much for your prompt response.