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  1. Sep 2019
    1. I would ague that becoming a good reader helps a student become a good writer. Looking at a situation through the eyes of an another writer, allows the reader to view things, like a sunrise, differently. sometimes, you can gain a different appreciation for the same idea or thing.

    2. In a real world setting, with all of the focus on state testing, in-class time for independent reading may be limited. A teacher could start a lunchtime reading group or before or after school reading group. Work with local libraries to sponsor reading clubs. Anything to promote reading.

    3. This is key! To find something that interests your student can become the bridge to help a student begin to love reading.

    4. Reading aloud allows the listener to use their imagination without doing the "work" of reading. This coordination of imagination and comprehension help to build a stronger understanding of the material.

    5. This can be true; however, when testing is occurring and the student is asked to read, comprehend and answer, they may not have "background knowledge.

    6. Is it just the cognitive development or could other factors play a roll in how a reader evaluates a given text?

  2. Aug 2019
    1. literacy

      Literacy helps us to understand and to communicate in a more thoughtful and deeper way. In today's world, as we seem more divided, literacy opens our perspective to a broader experience and allows us to connect with ohers around us.