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  1. Apr 2021
    1. memory is not digital

      Perhaps you could reconsider this assertion that "memory is not digital" in light of Richard Dawkins explanation of memes in The Selfish Gene (2006) , and specifically the origami example.

  2. Feb 2021
  3. Oct 2020
    1. so both will confess and end up serving sentences of five years

      Where did the 5 years come from? Two sentences back it said "If each confesses and implicates the other, both will be sentenced to three years." Not surprising that people find it hard to get their head around this stuff.

  4. Sep 2020
  5. chem.libretexts.org chem.libretexts.org
    1. The vapor pressure of a liquid lowers the amount of pressure exerted on the liquid by the atmosphere

      Cancels it out, or equalises perhaps, negates maybe, but lowers? I think that this could be worded better to avoid misinterpretation. Otherwise a great article - thanks.

  6. Aug 2020
    1. since Linux based operating systems have a habit of not running programs due to denied permissions.

      I can't see how Linux requiring the execute flag on executables has any relevance to Code::Blocks.