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  1. May 2017
    1.  After we have gained this, we will create thirty or forty cardinals on one day, and give one St. Michael’s Mount, 2near Bamberg, and likewise the see of Wurzburg, to which belong some rich benefices, until the churches and the cities are desolated; and then we shall say, We are the vicars of Christ, the shepherds of Christ’s flocks; those mad, drunken Germans must submit to it.

      His frustration here is related to the power that Catholics were trying to gain by appointing all the cardinals. It costs excessive amounts of money to do this which created pressure on the people and took the focus away from religion. Luther felt this was unnecessary.

    2.  Now that Italy is sucked dry, they come to Germany and begin very quietly; but if we look on quietly Germany will soon be brought into the same state as Italy.

      Luther was discouraged by the Catholic Church and how they were looking for money in exchange for forgiveness of sins. His concern in this statement is how people are true to their religion and he doesn't feel as though Catholics have been and doesn't want that to happen in Germany.

    1. The wild boar from the forest seeks to destroy it and every wild beast feeds upon it.

      Before this statement he is referring to religion and to the Lord and how he will judge all. I feel this statement is more of a scare tactic in setting the tone for what will happen if people don't follow Catholicism therefore sense the tone to be more political relating to power.

    2. Germans, truly germane to the Catholic faith, have always been the bitterest opponents of heresies, as witnessed by those commendable constitutions of the German emperors in behalf of the Church's independence

      Here Pope Leo is accusing the Germans of being bitter toward the Catholic religion. His statement is showing that he condemns the Germans for not following the beliefs and in the interest of religion.