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    1. rich people

      A powerful final line concluding the chapter, as it reflect's Austen's larger criticism of "rich people" who she believes often behave with distasteful and contemptible motivations. In this instance, Austen labels rich people as "sordid."

    2. marry for money

      This quote epitomises the marriage market where one must consider financial and class implications when considering marriage, as opposed to love.

    3. devotion to Clara

      When considering class distinctions, it will be interesting to see how this relationship will play out.

    4. groom

      Groom refers to someone who is responsible for the management of horses.


    5. remove suspicion

      This suspicion is in reference to Lady Denham thinking Charlotte has a desire to pursue Sir Edward, or that Charlotte may be misinterpreting Sir Edward's behaviour towards her believing he is forming an attachment to her. Lady Denham clearly wants to convey the message that Sir Edward is not available.

    6. sagacity

      Sagacity refers to showing keen mental discernment or good judgement.


    7. interrupt my enjoyment

      Charlotte cannot enjoy Burn's poetry due to his known indiscretions.

    8. Scott

      A reference to the poet Walter Scott.

    9. the sea

      The sea and the sea shore is unspoiled, encompassing natural beauty (a key tenet of Romanticism). It is interesting to consider if this connects in some manner to the forthcoming references to prominent Romantic poets.

    10. I

      Due to Austen's use of free indirect discourse, it is not obviously clear who the "I" is. The "I" could be the narrator or a character.