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  1. Nov 2020
    1. arising from the mixing bowl was sweet,                                                    [210] astonishingly so—to tell the truth, no one’s heart could then refuse to drink it.

      In the satyr play Cyclopes by Euripides', this mixing bowl is magical and never stops flowing with wine.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. But then he was hit by Peneleus, below his eyebrows, just underneath his eye. The spear knocked out the eyeball, went in his eye, drove through his neck, and sliced the tendons at the nape. Ilioneus collapsed, stretching out his arms. Peneleus drew his sharp sword and struck his neck,                         580 chopping head and helmet, so they hit the ground,

      Why does Homer go into such detail about the way that heroes die? Most modern writing doesn't go into this level of detail. Is this something the greeks enjoyed hearing about?

    2. to see Oceanus, from whom the gods arose,

      Oceanus is one of the Titans from whom the gods came. I thought that the gods didn't have that good relations with the titans. Interesting that Hera would go visit one of them.

    1. shouting and screaming with excitement

      This description of the Trojans matches with their description in book three as "clamouring like birds, like cranes". The Trojans may be fierce but they are not all that organized.

    2. down ambrosia,

      Ambrosia was known as the food of the Gods and was thought to confer immortality to those who ate it. It is really interesting here that Poseidon is giving Ambrosia to his horses.