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  1. Nov 2020
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    1. Without such limits on derogatory, racist, sexist, or homophobic materials, Google al-lows its algorithm—which is, as we can see, laden with what Diaz calls “sociopolitics”—to stand without debate while protesting its inability to remove pages.

      Why does google straight allow terrible thing to be presented and will only remove unlawful content? Hopefully if you search some of these words that show explicit things that they warn some people may feel disgusted or get offended. Most of the information is also incorrect so they are providing false things

    2. Black feminist and mainstream social media erupted with the announcement that Black Girls Code, an organization dedi-cated to teaching and mentoring African American girls interested in computer programming, would be moving into Google’s New York offices. The

      Surprising cause of what surfaced on google 2 years prior when you searched “Black Girls”. It’s good that they are working with google to change the code and fix the inappropriate things that come up. Black women are more than just those things.