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  1. Nov 2017
    1. There is a violence in undoing someone’s words and reconstituting them in a vocabulary foreign to them, a vocabulary of your own choosing. There is a violence, too, in the way you are—for long moments—annihilated by the other; undone in return. Neither the translator nor the text emerges from the act unscathed.

      This quote resonated so much with me because i believe that it is so true and i know this because my grandmother used to translate texts in the past as well and she would always talk to me about her struggles while doing so. She always felt like her translation from one language to the other would never do justice to the words of the original author.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. Let us build for true transparency.

      The sad truth is that this is what we should aim for and strive for but unfortunately, we will never reach this idealistic goal.

    2. Treating each other as commodities from which to extract maximum economic value is bad

      This perfectly sums up our world today and it really is sad but it's true. And sadly, we feed this type of system by becoming these consumers they talk about and need.

    1. to use alternative text for images to support those with visual disabilities.

      This is something that everyone must strive to learn because you have to be able to include everyone when sharing information. This also raises awareness that there are people with different abilities and that they should not she excluded because of them.

    2. teaching digital skills would include showing students how to download images from the Internet and insert them into PowerPoint slides or webpages. Digital literacy would focus on helping students choose appropriate images, recognize copyright licensing, and cite or get permissions

      I found this example to be insightful because coming to think about it now, in school all we were taught were the skills but our teachers never thought that it would be useful for us in this day and age to be digitally literate.

    3. We should not be throwing students into the public domain to discuss sensitive topics without having conversations with them on what they might face and which of these risks they are willing to take, how they would handle it, and how they might support each other.

      This is extremely important especially with students who were born into this technological world, those who see it as the norm. We, or actually i myself was able to experience a technology free childhood and that is why i take my precautions when using any public domain because i understand what might happen but younger children who see the internet as a part of their everyday lives must be educated on its dangers.