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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Locke's fundamental law of nature, in contrast to that of Hobbes, gives human beings the right not just to life, but to "life, health, liberty, or possessions:''

      Locke’s fundamental law of nature is more effective than Hobbes because it caters more to everyone’s needs

    1. Today’s young job seekers have grown up with a startup mentality

      Our age bracket has more of an entrepreneur mindset rather than the mind set of a laborer as soon as they enter the work force

    1. , Fukuyama is in the position of favoring a democratic political order while arguing that the theories that first justified it, like universal rights and moral and epistemological individualism, were mistaken

      fukuyama favors the democratic political order but thinks the morals and ideals of the people who run it are wrong.

    2. Some readers, however, may think that Fukuyama goes too far in de-emphasizing the natural rights tradition that inspired the Renaissance and Enlightenment liberalism. Here Fukuyama’s historicism and his insistence that ideas themselves shape political order are arguably at odds

      fukuyama takes way from the importance of the renaissance and enlightenment period