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  1. Oct 2015
    1. People Who Worry the U.S. Will "Spoil" Cuba Are Fetishizing Poverty

      This article made me curious about the impact that the U.S. has on the economy of latin america (specifically cuba) today and how it differs, if at all, from the impact it has historically had.

    1. Cuba's Health Care System: a Model for the World

      Reading this made me think of a core question: Is there a correlation between revolution and an awareness of public health? If so, why? Expanding on that thought, I began to wonder if there are there any examples within Latin American revolutions that could prove or refute this idea.

    1. Analysis: Castro brothers' successor may inherit a very different Cuba

      I think that this article is important because it discusses the challenges of adapting a government centered around a single individual to the demands of the modern era. It would be interesting to compare the Castro's changes in policies to the changes in policies that other Latin American dictators have made and see if there is some sort of pattern or similarity.

    1. For a Post-Castro Cuba, Castro Lite

      This article was intriguing to me because it caused me to ponder what I believe to be a significant question: What impacts the legacy of a dictator?

  2. Sep 2015
    1. Cuba pardons 3,522 prisoners days before Pope Francis’ visit

      Check out this article, I thought that it was interesting mainly because it illustrates the lasting effect that Christianity has had on Latin America and specifically Cuba.