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  1. Apr 2019
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      Heck yes. ;)

    2. Digital sociology is because race, class, and gender are. Digital sociology is because capitalism is. Digital sociology is because inequality is. Digital sociology is immersed in the technologies reshaping social processes and, like the classic imperative to stand apart, must wrestle with our social location in a digital society.

      Calling out this quote. <3

  2. Feb 2018
    1. innovative teaching and learning. These tools, such as learning management systems, lecture capture systems, simulation creators, authoring, and video and audio tools,

      Honestly, this list doesn't get me particularly excited though.

    2. You the man Jeremy! :)


      One of the things sadly missing from this list is that I'd love to see "Recommendations from Instructional Designers" Where is it?!?

      Anyways, I'd say I'd love to see more folks being open practitioners of their work where they can. Publish openly, foster relationships openly, and learn in the open. That may be a way for us to not have a "What do ID's do now 2020 edition?" I love learning from people who share their thoughts and experiences, good or bad. Just so much to learn through such connections.

    4. BLOGS


    5. Camtasia

      Woah really, this surprised me....

    6. Adobe products

      Sounds appropriate. Love-hate relationships and all.

    7. 7:00pm

      Yo Roman, you have a 12 hour day. When do you see your family and such?!?

      I expect an ID to be better at managing their own priorities and time. :P

    8. 7%

      I feel so young now. O.o

      That's ok. Just means there's tons to still learn. :)

    9. Introduction

      Introduce yourself (if desired): 30 Second Flipgrid Intros

    10. “[T]he myth of online learning operating like a crock pot—set it and forget it—creates constant tensionwhen I push instructors at all levels for the all-important engagement piece of teaching and learning.”

      I feel this stems from instructors never having been students in the online space. Often they don't have a basis to develop online learning experiences because they only know face-to-face learning. Consequently, getting more instructors engaged in online communities as learners themselves would be a great introduction for online learning as a means to prepare them to facilitate their own online courses.

      Looking at you fun places I've spent learning: #clmooc #netnarr and such.

    11. Design instructional materials and courses, particularly for digital delivery

      Second favorite part. O.o

    12. Train faculty to leverage technology and implement pedagogy effectively

      Favorite part! :)

  3. Apr 2017
  4. Mar 2017
    1. During my childhood, my height made m

      Showing annotation

  5. Feb 2017
    1. Next, we used Adobe Illustrator to create the rings and print the cardinal directions and degrees, which was then cut or etched into the wood by the laser cutter. 

      I'm excited that the author outlines some of their building steps. I think this could be a post in and of itself.

    2. We debated whether we should build the model out of wood, metal, or 3D print it, but we settled on cutting it from wood

      The wood makes the armillary sphere look very nice. :)

    3. But you, as an astronomer and aspiring astrologer, would like to use this knowledge for practical benefit.  You want to devise a practical model of the theories laid forth by Ptolemy and therefore have decided to build a model of the universe based on his precise mathematical calculations.

      type your thoughts

    1. The Trump administration has a much leaner whitehouse.gov so far

      (Testing Something in Hypothes.is): Whitehouse.gov data is being deleted

  6. May 2016
  7. Apr 2016
    1. I think that expectations around how the world works is entwined in this idea of literacy

      I love the example leading up to this point. Not to mention this is great distilled definition of "literacy."

    1. Web annotation can be collaborative not only when students are on a common text but also when they are exploring texts independently.

      I would love to see a research paper utilize this framework to combine an entire class of student annotations so that everyone can see everyone's research.

    2. Awesome post Lauren!

  8. Aug 2015