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  1. Jun 2019

      Labelling axis works to contextualize the data being presented, but sometimes the axis is not clear. It makes it so difficult to read a graph when the axis is a long drawn out sentence or uses jargon to define. If it is made for the public to be reading it, it needs to be easily understandable. Just as the design needs clarity, so do the axis.


      This seems like one of the most important parts of data analysis. If people can not understand the way you have presented your data then all your hard work is worthless. This seems to especially ring true when it comes to more complex graphics. Even if it is pretty if it can not be read than it is not helpful or functional.


      Relationships in data also create a greater understanding of the data in general. By having the causation or the correlation element present with the rest of the data, it can help prove or explain why something has happened or what it effects. Without supporting data information, in some cases it can be very difficult to understand, Data sets with relationship provide a fuller understanding of the data being presented.


      It is so easy to forget that data statistics are all rooted in real life events. Whether its due to the separation in time from the event to us or a difference in a people group, it is often so difficult to grasp how real these stats are. However, this data represents human lives and experiences. For some people, certain data stats can have great meaning due to the direct impact on their lives, or the lives of those they love.

  2. May 2019
    1. hasalsoforewarnedoftheincreasinglevelsofcontrolthatalgorithmshaveoverthemanydecisionsmadeaboutus,fromcredittodatingoptions,andhowdifficultitistointerveneintheirdiscriminatoryeffects

      Algorithms seem to be the newest version of racial profiling and judging a book based on its cover.

    2. Simultaneously,itisimportantforthepublic,particularlypeoplewhoaremarginalized—suchaswomenandgirlsandpeopleofcolor—tobecriticaloftheresultsthatpurporttorepresenttheminthefirsttentotwentyresultsinacommercialsearchengine

      While it is important for minorities to speak up and show that these misrepresentations are not true, this sentence seems to be implying that it is only minorities that need to stand up and be critical of the results. While I am sure that this is not the intention of the author, all people should stand up for what is true, right, and just, not just the minorities that are directly affected. Standing up and being critical of things that are not right should be done by all in the interest of mutual respect among human beings.

    3. ourexperiencewithdigitaltechnologyandcomputersthattheysocializeusintobelievingthattheseartifactsmustthereforealsoprovideaccesstocredible,accurateinformationthatisdepoliticizedandneutral

      Whenever we have a question, we just google it. However the issue is that sometimes we read facts, sometimes we do not. At this point, it is so embedded in our culture to trust what we read on the internet. More and more Google is treated as a completely reliable source when it should still be questioned for its truth and reliability.

    4. WhilethecampaignemployedGoogleSearchresultstomakealargerpointaboutthestatusofpublicopiniontowardwomen,italsoserved,perhapsunwittingly,tounderscoretheincrediblypowerfulnatureofsearchengineresults

      When you put these phrases into google in 2019, you now do not get any google search suggestions. This is also the case when you type in the same phrases (i.e. should, should not) in association with men, nationalities and religions. Google has removed the racist, sexist ideas that were occurring by with these search suggestions. With this campaign occurring 5-10 years ago, I wonder if this campaign had an impact on googles decision to remove the search suggestions on these types of phrases?

    1. Over the years, and particu-larly over the past decade, humanities scholars have collaborated with computer scientists to build tools to facilitate these essential functions of the humanities in new ways

      The idea of two disciplines coming together to improve the tools available in a field shows the interconnectedness of the digital humanities.

    2. Originally many of these converters were stand-alone applications

      It's interesting how we have become so accustomed to having many of these applications compiled into one program, even though many of them began as their own stand-alone applications.

    3. To learn how to use various tools there often will be tutorials on product websites, and for the most popular tools, tutorials are frequently avail-able on YouTube,4 Lynda.corns and other websites where users can find a considerable amount of basic instruction -free or fee-based.

      Would these tools be as effective if we did not have a digital way of understanding how they work? In a few short minutes of watching a video, we can have a far greater understanding of how to use these tools. Without these descriptions, it would be far more difficult for these tools to function for a wide range of people.

    4. new digital tools may be transforming these methods and this basic work

      It is neat how people are still writing, researching, and analyzing texts, but the tools we use to do it have changed completely. I feel like it has allowed for peoples to connect and interact with more people in their effort to achieve these analysis'.

    1. We have a whole new set of tools not dominated by the written word

      It is amazing that you can have visual data to learn more about eras that we were never able to experiance with pictures, or quickly see a map of a world that we will never know.

    2. “I’m a believer in quantification. But I don’t believe quantification can do everything. So much of humanistic scholarship is about interpretation.”

      It is cool that technology helps to quantify the elements of the humanities that can be quantified, while still letting it retain the interpretaition that makes conversations in the subject so diverse.

    1. Networking, at least for electronic mail, was previously confined to groups of computer scientists and research institutes

      The ability for people to communicate via electronic mail changed the game in regards to communication. People where able to communicate with friends quickly and meet new people located far away from them at a speed pst mail just could not keep up with. In a mere 30 years the way we predominantly communicate with people has changed completly.

    2. His volumes are elegantly typeset and he would not compromise on any levels of scholarship in order to get the work done faster.

      Busa spend an unbelievable amount of time to make sure that what he was priducing was the best that it could be. Thanks to all of his time, effort, and perfectionism the internet was possible.