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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Is there an applaud / like feature in the app at the moment at all, or is there a reason why you left it out? (or did I miss it!?)

      [...] great question. I had planned to include a heart icon with the verb being „like“ just the way the Instagram UI works. But somehow that dropped off my crude sketches. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve got to add it back in. (übernommen aus Reaktion 4 von Brad F.)

    2. What if a group of friends, or a group of people in the same geographic location was given a task that they have to achieve.

      [...] I think rather than giving them missions I’ll take your other suggestion: allow people to invite friends from their Instagram network to missions they design. Not sure if I’ll get to it tonight, but will update with a group mission feature in the next few days. (übernommen aus Reaktion 4 von Brad F.)

    3. I would love to see the app bring in geography in some way, in order to emphasize local community. If you tag the location of your action, you can then leverage data to show what people are doing all around you. For example – imagine being able to check out your local park and see all the actions people have made towards positive goals there.

      Love the map mashup idea. (übernommen aus Reaktion 1 von Brad F.)

  2. Feb 2017