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  1. Nov 2015
    1. , the Internet provides individuals with opportunities to make their personal lives richer and more fulfillin

      We have a wider opportunity fuel our goals on the internet, such as fighting for rights (petitions), or as the reading states; advocating for social justice, managing a medical crisis, and so on...

    2. Today, global economic competition requires that organizations abandon these traditional command-and-control structures and instead harness all of their intellectual capital, unleash innovation and creativity, and generate greater productivity

      I like this sentence because we are able to use the current ways in the workplace without the competition of higher thinking and learning. We would be able to work with the advanced way of thinking and learning.

    3. Because employees at lower levels of the organization tended to simply follow directions, they were not required to possess or use higher level thinking skills or digital literacie

      Is this what the sentence in the beginning was talking about? Those on higher levels of the organization use new digital literacies and have a higher level of thinking process.

    4. the literacy demands in the workplace have changed because the organization of workplace settings has changed

      Can this be worded differently? I'm confused on what this is saying about the workplace.

    5. , continually generates new technologies for information and communication, repeatedly requiring new literacies (

      Learned this throughout the course, using all the new tools and websites I have never heard of before.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. The Pew study did not consider newer forms of expres-sion, such as podcasting, game modding, or machinima. Nor did it count other forms of creative expression and appropria-tion, such as music sampling in the hip-hop community. T

      Why did the Pew study not consider newer forms of expression in their studies?

    2. urpose of the study, a media creator is someone who has created a blog or Web page; posted original artwork, photography, stories, or videos online; or remixed online content into their own new creations.

      Definition of media creator.

    3. They developed much of their skill and knowledge through their participation in the informal learning communi-ties of fans and gamers.

      Shows how different communities can help others learn new things they didn't know to help them do the things they love.

    4. hrough the joint participation of thousands of other volunteer youths and adults working on his project worldwide, the Firefox Web browser was born. Today, Firefox enjoys more than 60 times as many users as Netscape Navigator. By age 19, Ross had the venture capital needed to launch his own start-up company. His interest in computing originally was sparked by playing the popular video game

      Playing the game, Sims City, helped Blake Ross create his own web browser, Firefox. Did not know the game could help spread ideas like this.

  3. Sep 2015