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  1. Jul 2021
    1. living in poverty

      This makes sense since there are less resources around for these women and typically more violence in the area.

    2. Ontogenic

      develops from the first three levels. focuses on the person individually

    3. Macrosystem—This refers to broader cultural factors, such as patriarchal attitudes and beliefs about gender relations in intimate relationships. • Exosystem—This concept refers to informal and formal social networks that connect intimate relationships to the broader culture. • Microsystem—This refers to the relationship in which violence takes place. • Ontogenic—This level refers to a person's individual development and what such development brings to the above three levels. (Brownridge, 2009; Dutton, 2006)

      These 4 levels makes up the ecological model

    4. Ecological models

      a model that helps explain the influences that usually leads to violence against women.

    5. common batterer intervention programs

      a psychoeducational group

    6. Why do men assault the women they love?

      Those without prior knowledge tend to ask this question often and even those with background. However, the possibility of mental illness and so much more can derive from this.

    7. In fact, many women who experience what the law defines as rape do not label their assaults as such or even as a form of victimizatio

      This is interesting to learn and this could lead to the decrease in victim reports.


      The fact that this organization works with survivors and their communities to prevent future traumas is important. There are often few resources around for survivors. Interacting with their communities is also another effective and thoughtful method of prevention.

    2. &$5$  D

      Acronym for anti-rape organization, Communities Against Rape and Abuse.